‘Everything Butt Art’ Children’s Book Is Now a Loveable iPad Drawing App

Learn to draw zoo animals with the help of some TechCrunch Disrupt alums.

For months, Betabeat has had a colorful Everything Butt Art business card, acquired at some kind of startup gathering, wedged at the top of a pile of papers near our phone. Butt Art?, we ask ourselves every so often. Isn’t that more for Robert Mapplethorpe than small children?

Luckily, we had an excuse to find out more. “Everything Butt Art” is actually a delightful series of art activity books for kids that teaches them drawing by starting with the shape of a butt (like an upside-down heart, but without the point at the top). The company, which debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt and lent it its drawing skills to Raise Cache is—somehow, we’re still not quite sure—a tech company. According to TechCruch it’s because “The founders understand how kids think,” and use that perspective to get them to learn.

That argument becomes a lot clearer with the startup’s fun new iPad app, Butt Art, where kids learn to draw zoo animals step-by-step, starting with a butt-shape, of course. “Once you use it, adult or kid, you are hooked,” said a friend. There is even a section called “Butt Hunt,” which we were shocked to learn has not been trademarked by Grindr.

As founder Brian Synder explained to The Next Web, the butt-shape inspiration, if you will, came from drawings he would do as a kid:

“I used to spend hours doing step-by-step drawing. Being a silly kid, I’d start with a butt shape and challenge myself to see what I could turn it into. Then, I’d show off my drawings to friends. They were a big hit. When my daughter was about three, I showed her some of my go-to butt art. She loved the whole idea of it. Because it’s such a simple concept, I was sure someone else had done something with it. After searching quite a bit, I found there wasn’t anything like it. Using silliness and technology to encourage creativity in kids felt like a worthwhile pursuit.”

We concur. Hopefully the folks behind that other childhood favorite, “Everybody Poops,” are paying attention.

You can buy the app here and watch a video of how it works below:

‘Everything Butt Art’ Children’s Book Is Now a Loveable iPad Drawing App