For Romney Family, Pinterest Is a Double-Edged Sword

Patriotic decor ideas (Ann Romney's Pinterest site)

After Think Progress posted a Pinterest pinboard of fancyish hotels in which Mitt Romney had stayed during his Presidential campaign, Mitt Romney Tweeted out a link to his wife’s own pinboard, noting “Ann’s way ahead of me on this one.”

The things Ann Romney likes, and has pinned, strictly disinclude fancy hotels but do include photos of her family; recipes for butternut squash soup, “low-fat turkey burgers,” and “granola cups”; and Anna Karenina. Her one picture under “Inspiration” is of her husband at the 2002 Olympics he helped organize. And, yes, she has a “Patriotic” category–comprised of photos of home decor and red-white-and-blue foods that convey both home pride and national pride.