Gillian Anderson Plays Miss Havisham in the Next Water-Cooler Masterpiece

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For all those who believe that Gwyneth Paltrow’s was the epitome of Great Expectations adaptations comes the new Masterpiece take, which uses a modern pop song (Anna Calvi’s “Desire,” it would seem) and very obvious telegraphing of central themes (“Ambition,” “Love,” “Obsession” read the chryons). Masterpiece has already brought to PBS one rambling British manse in the form of Downton Abbey and one unreasonably tart older lady in the form of Maggie Smith’s character.

Will this Dickens miniseries on PBS catch on in Downton fashion? Well, Gillian Anderson looks remarkable–and nothing like Agent Scully–here; we’ll at least watch the second part, to see more of Miss Havisham’s downfall!