Regarding Glamour Magazine and Opening Ceremony’s $100 Cat Sweatshirt

Glamour Magazine is a lady magazine that can best be characterized as somewhere between “Tactful Cosmopolitan” and “Less Scary Vogue.” It’s probably one of the more distinctly moderate womens’ interests magazines. Which is why it’s odd and kind of comical to see them teaming up with one of the most chic boutiques in the country—Opening Ceremony—to sell a $100 sweater. Of a cat.

Maybe this is Glamour‘s attempt at appealing to a hipper audience, or a more upscale one. And this isn’t the first time Opening Ceremony has done a collaboration with an “accessible” brand (as they’ve done with Levi’s, Keds, etc). And it’s part of a trend, kind of: more and more media brands are working with retail operations to expand their own reach and revenues.

But still, there’s something patently weird about Glamour—not downtown hipster rags like Paper, or even some twee McSweeney’s nonsense, but Glamourteaming up with Opening Ceremony (not, like, The Gap), to sell a $100 sweater.

Or maybe it’s just the sweater. Of a cat.

It’s a cat:

For the record, I am not alone.

That is all. | @weareyourfek

Regarding Glamour Magazine and Opening Ceremony’s $100 Cat Sweatshirt