Go East, Young Foodies: Rooftop Farms Booming in Brooklyn and Queens

Let's get grange-erous! (Inhabitat)

While there have been initiatives to cultivate New York City’s asphalt into luscious gardens, some New York are taking the idea several stories of steps further: rooftop gardens. Local food businesses and urban farmers are looking to expand on top of expansive buildings and industrial factories in Brooklyn and Queens, the Daily News reports.

“There are thousands of acres of rooftop space in New York City potentially suitable for agriculture — with more than 1,000 acres in Queens,” Nevin Cohen, a professor at the New School, told the tab.

Organizations like the Brooklyn Grange, which operates a 40,000 square foot organic farm on a building that is actually in Queens, is seeking to expand and open a new farm a year for the next five years. Their next farm, at 40,000 square feet,  is set to open in Brooklyn this spring.

As fresh as the harvests may be, there are some structural concerns. Gwen Schantz, Grange Partner, told the Daily News that Grange is looking for spaces at least 30,000 square feet, no higher than 15 stories, and able to support 1.2 million pounds of dirt.

Finally, someone is bringing grit back to the city.