The Grand Central Apple Store Protest Did Not Go Well

top of stairwell e1323274063112 The Grand Central Apple Store Protest Did Not Go WellA bunch of people were planning on showing up today to make a ruckus at one of Apple’s most high-profile stores in the world, in Grand Central Terminal. And they did!The intent? To protest the company in the wake of revelations about the inhumane practices of the manufacturers Apple employs, like Foxconn.

It didn’t go so well.

According to Bloomberg—whose headline speaks for itself: Media Outnumber Apple Protesters as Petition by 250,000 Is Delivered—there were more reporters and cameras than anything else, which, on the one hand, is what most protests actually want. On the other, if the number central to the cause is as small as it was “fewer than 10,” (The Atlantic Wire pegs it at 4) it’s not so effective. Practically, neither is delivering a petition to people at the Genius Bar, who are such geniuses it takes them an hour to determine that one’s iPhone is irreparably busted, which is what you told them an hour ago, as opposed to a slightly different (and maybe less media-friendly) setting than, say, a Foxconn factory or Apple HQ.

But they got a bunch of blog posts and writeups out of it, like this one. So there is that. | @weareyourfek