Guard: Mark Grisanti Didn’t Use a Racial Epithet Against Me

It seems that at least one of the harshest allegations against Buffalo State Senator Mark Grisanti since he got in a fight in a Seneca Nation casino has been resolved in Mr. Grisanti’s favor.

One account of the incident had accused Mr. Grisanti of using a racial epithet against an African-American security guard. However, according to Police Captain William Thompson, WGRZ reported this evening that “the guard was asked if he heard anything along those lines and the guard told police he did not.”

Still, more uncertainties remain in the strange saga that resulted in Mr. Grisanti’s wife also being struck to the point of being hospitalized.

Notably, questions remain as to who pursued the violent confrontation. Mr. Grisanti said things began to get out of hand when he tried to diffuse tensions between two other individuals after a fundraising gala for a diabetes foundation. Others allege he was the instigator.

Mr. Grisanti is expected to give his statement to the police later this week.