Hennessy Youngman Joins Marilyn Minter’s ‘Virgins Show’

Art world philosopher-king Hennessy Youngman has joined the ranks of Marilyn Minter’s “Virgins Show” at Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni’s Family Business exhibition space, according to a recent release from Ms. Minter.

Mr. Youngman is listed in a new section of the line-up labeled “coming later,” so don’t expect him at the opening next week. No word yet on what he will do with the space, which, we remind you, is just 125 square feet.

Mr. Youngman, a.k.a. Jayson Musson, recently made an appearance at Performa 11’s “Performa Ha!” in a performance that later became the latest installment of his series Art Thoughtz. Available for your viewing pleasure below.