Here’s a Video of Linda Yablonsky’s Birthday Cake

lindamauriz Heres a Video of Linda Yablonskys Birthday CakeEarlier this month, Maurizio Cattelan threw a birthday party for Linda Yablonsky, writer for  T: The New York Times Style Magazine, in association with his own magazine Toilet Paper. Kreemart provided the cake, which featured rice paper toilet paper and chocolate dipping sauce—a surprisingly popular element of the cake—and hard sugar tiles over proper cake, perfect for edible graffiti.

A video of the party, held at Ms. Yablonsky’s apartment, has just surfaced. Take a gander below!

Kreemart presents Linda Yablonsky’s Birthday, hosted by Maurizio Cattelan and Toilet Paper Magazine from Raphael Castoriano on Vimeo.

Thanks to Artnet for pointing us to this video.