Herman Cain Is Taking ‘9-9-9’ To Tokyo

herman cain cpac Herman Cain Is Taking 9 9 9 To Tokyo

Herman Cain on stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — Herman Cain is exporting his “9-9-9 Plan” to the Land of the Rising Sun, but the Japanese version of Mr. Cain’s tax plan won’t be based on the number nine.

“It’s going to be 7-7-7 in Japan, because it’s revenue neutral,” Mr. Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, told The Politicker yesterday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

In Japanese, “7-7-7” would be translated as either “Shichi-Shichi-Shichi” or “Nana-Nana-Nana.”

Mr. Cain met with a group of Japanese businessmen at CPAC yesterday to work out the details for his journey to Japan. He will officially announce the Asian incarnation of “9-9-9” in a column on his website next Monday trumpeting the Japanese Tea Party’s support for the plan. The Japanese Tea Party movement has grown in recent months as a response rising taxes in that country.

After he dropped out of the presidential race in December, Mr. Cain launched the “Cain Connections” initiative to promote a series of proposals he dubbed the “Cain Solutions Revolution.” His “9-9-9 Plan” is the centerpiece of the “Cain Connections” platform.

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