High-Frequency Trading Approaches the Speed of Light

The finance industry is in a race against science being waged with transatlantic cables and ever-tinier chips. A new paper authored by a team of physicists, engineers and industry data experts explores what Physics of Finance blogger Mark Buchanan calls the “approaching singularity.” Improvements in the technology behind high-speed trades is being measured in increments of “sub-seconds” and approaching the physical barrier of the speed of light which will, as the paper puts it, culminate in an “all-machine phase characterized by frequent black swan events with ultrafast durations.” Or, in Mr. Buchanan’s words, “likely lead to disaster.” Read More


  1. Out of morbid curiosity, I’ve been watching HFT for some time now, and it’s like a Formula One race at near speed of light. However, anyone can get into the race, more and more companies are jumping into into the game, and the whole thing is unregulated –  no qualifications, no need for safety, just put the pedal to the metal an go as fast as you can.
    Presently, it’s estimated there are about 3,000 drivers on the track trying to out manoeuvre each other at the speed of light.To me it appears more like a the making of a speed of light, suicidal demolition derby, and when the big pile-up occurs, nobody will know it happened until the economic system crashes in an nanosecond with no warning.It’s inevitable that there’s going to be a catastrophic crash sometime soon, and all the virtual liquidity will vanish along with amassed virtual fortunes (Trillions of dollars) investment banks purport to have stashed in their mattresses. I think it’ll be hilariousness when the cyber crash happens – and it most certainly, it will crash because fools and greedy morons are playing the game.

  2. Larry Linn says:

    I am still attempting to calculate the speed of dark.

  3. enkidu123 says:

    Before HFT: spreads were minimum 6.5 cents,there were no discount brokers, your 401k money in those equity mutual funds were front run by “specialisst” on the nyse floor who had a monopoly trading.

    After HFT: there are no less than 14 exchanges where you can get the best prices and tons of liquidity. 1¢ spreads, and tons of discount brokers where you can trade from your iPhone. You get executed immediately. Yeah, and your mutual fund pays less too.

    So what you would rather have instead of a computer making public quotes, albiet a lot of them, are back room dealers who have a monopoly on trading? Most of the complaints are from dinosaur traders who can no longer rely on being from the correct frat house to make an easy living. They now have to provide value. That “flash crash” mind you was caused by a *manual* trade, where some idiot dumped 4.1 billion sp500 futures on the market, and it cleared in 20 min, and corrected just as fast, by you guessed it, HFT algos.
    So instead of a bunch of chicken little sky is falling nonsense that you would expect out of talk radio, I expected a little more informed though here.

  4. Spds2001 says:

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