Horse_ebooks Takes Over the Internet

screen shot 2012 02 09 at 10 03 12 pm Horse ebooks Takes Over the Internet


The Twitter account known as @horse_ebooks has taken over a certain segment of the ultra-plugged-in internet–38,000+ followers strong, at least–for its bizarre non sequitirs and sentence fragments, like “Dear Reader, You are reading” or “You re the best. I am all fired up now. I have been doing this for years and it has to be.” It’s said to have been founded by “some Russian guy to sell worthless, horrible ebooks about horses. In order to avoid being detected as a spam bot, it occasionally posts a text snippet or two from one of its ebooks, chosen at random.” Fans of the Twitter feed’s disconnected musings may be attracted to the Horse_ebookmarklet, a widget that converts any website into the patois of a Russian ebook salesman.

We converted the Observer homepage to Horse_ebookese–the results can be seen at left. We’re sticking to English for now.