In Aspen, Mark Grotjahn Skis for Free and Don’t You Forget It!

Mark Grotjahn, with the help of the Aspen Art Museum, is gracing 30,000 ski lift tickets with his art. The tickets feature pictures of Mr. Grotjahn’s cardboard masks that he has been making over the last decade (several of them are installed on the peaks of Aspen’s four ski mountains). He told The Wall Street Journal that the tickets “could be one of the pinnacles of my career.”

Oh, and best of all (for Mr. Grotjahn anyway): he skis for free in Aspen this season. Honestly, we weren’t aware that Mr. Grotjahn was such an enthusiast. This article in The Journal says “skiing is in part responsible for a split in the artist’s work.” He broke his arm on the slopes a few years back and can no longer paint in 12-hour bursts, which was his method before.

His show of work up now at the Aspen Art Museum is Mr. Grotjahn’s first American museum survey. Of the works printed on the lift tickets, he said: “They should be happy and celebratory and make people happy.”