In Case You Can’t Keep Track of All Those Celebrity Apartments

Celeb stalkers rejoice! While you’ve been hard at work following the real estate happenings of all New York-based celebs, you can’t possibly follow everyone’s every move. Fortunately, the good people at Rentenna have just made your life a whole lot easier with their celebrity map of Manhattan.

We’re concerned, however, about the integrity of this latest celebrity layout. Courtney Love, for example, has moved out of the West 10th townhouse listed as her locus on the map (also, she’s classified as a “musician,” which hasn’t been true in god knows how long, either ), and Lady Gaga’s onetime rental from “before she was famous” somehow managed to make its way onto the diagram.

Valiant effort, Rentenna! Now we can pace the West Village with purpose! Wait, was that Rachel Ray?