It’s Ryan Gosling Movie Month on Time Warner: Let’s Discuss

Ryan Gosling is in yer TV

Sorry DirectTV suckers: a whole month of Ryan Gosling movies is not currently available to you on Demand at the low, low cost of $1.99-$4.99, like it is to Time Warner customers. It’s an interesting business model for Valentine’s Day, and culture writers Daniel D’Addario and Drew Grant are here to tell you why.

Drew: Okay so: thoughts on a on Demand Ryan Gosling month?
Daniel: Hello drew
Daniel: I am glad you asked
Daniel: Because
Daniel: I don’t think this is news! On Demand does this ALL THE TIME
Daniel: Like, I think a few months ago my system had a “Sandra bullock” category
Daniel: So, bully for him i s’pose
Drew: Ha
Daniel: But the like “news reports” on this are confusing
Drew: Well my thought is, if you’re going to pay $4.99 just buy the damn Notebook already
Daniel: This is a philosophical debate about OnDemand we may never resolve
Drew: Like, giant Ryan Gosling fans probably own all the Ryan Gosling movies, and if not, they can go on airplane and watch them
Daniel: Airplane?
Drew: Yeah, every time I’m on an airplane, Crazy Stupid Love is playing
Daniel: Ha
Daniel: I never travel SO.