Updated: Jason Wu Collection Reveals Hole in Target’s Fashion Policy, Retailer Responds (Video)

jasonwutarget Updated: Jason Wu Collection Reveals Hole in Targets Fashion Policy, Retailer Responds (Video)

Jason Wu-mania over at Target

Update: Target responds below!

Target: has a brand ever before fully encompassed Tina Brown‘s vision for a high/low cultural Utopia? Take for instance, the outlet’s weekend release of its new Jason Wu collection just in time for New York’s Fashion Week (for people who don’t live in New York). The collection sold out across the country only hours after they hit the shelves, and pretty soon the items were popping up on Ebay for resale faster than you could say “This is worse than Versace doing H&M.”

So what was the cause for this massive buyout? Apparently, couples like this:

Using techniques not seen outside of Black Friday or a Barney’s Warehouse sale, these two Miami gentlemen bought an entire store’s worth of Jason Wu, then gloated to other customers how they would be reselling their stock outside.

The police were allegedly forced to get involved after the man in the pair got into a shoving match with a woman in line after she tried to steal something from their cart. Why the store employees didn’t rush these men and take back the carts themselves to distribute amongst the other customers has been a matter of much speculation, as Target is supposed to have a 2-item-per-style policy in place. (Since so many of the items immediately appeared on Ebay, we can only assume this policy wasn’t enforced in a lot of stores.) The New York Observer has reached out to Target for comment, but has yet to hear back. This is not the first time Target has caused semi-riots with its designer labels: last fall, a Missoni collection launch caused Target.com to go dark when it was overwhelmed with online shoppers, meaning that people had to actually go out to their local target to purchase the hippy dresses.

Updated: A spokesperson from Target told the New York Observer that they did not enforce the quantity limit as a national store policy for the Jason Wu collection. “We did test limitations on Target.com, so people could only two items of any given item in a particular size, and some stores did elect to enforce the 2-item policy, but only in select locations.”


  1. Yayita93_85 says:

    Honestly,  people like that couple are the ones that truly ruin it for everyone! Actually, when you look at it, people like that are the ones that truly base why this world is so corrupt. You give a mouse a cookie & they’ll come back for milk… Horrible! Personally, I can’t afford Jason Wu’s amazing collections! BUT i would LOVE to be able to shop something he designed at a reasonable price. Thanks again to this couple for showing me once again just exactly why this world is the way it is… 

  2. Steph says:

    I was at target for this collection and there were actually probably only 30 people ahead of me but by the time I got to the racks, probably half the styles were completely gone already. Its impossible that some of the people ahead of me weren’t reselling or else there would still be some left by the time I got there

  3. Ral521 says:

    Stupid . There are may ways of dressing w/o having to sock up on a designer. Be creative and don’t covet these material things

  4. SaynotoebayTargethoarders says:

    Some of the styles are actually restocked online so you just need to check. Refuse to buy from eBay retailers! and they eventually will be stuck with these items & forced to sell at retail or lower prices. Look at the Missoni collection – eBay is now glutted with the unsold items.

    1. OMG says:

      I agree.  Don’t buy any clothes on ebay.  Let these horders get stuck with these items.  We can wait for new shipment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow , talk about insanity

  6. Rob Daman says:

    gougers…i mean resellers suck!

  7. kyle mosher says:

    Dude’s are going hard on that JWu!

  8. Robbie says:

    Hahahaha!!!  One of those tow ‘men’ is a woman.  Hee hee!!!  Hoarders!

    1. Robbie says:

      …..oops.  typo.  :(

  9. Gigi says:

    LOL, I don’t think Target cares. The frenzy gives them free publicity and the eBay sharks just guarantee all of the merchandise will be sold, so they won’t have leftovers they have to mark down.