Jehovah’s Witnesses Raking In Real Estate Dough

hova Jehovahs Witnesses Raking In Real Estate Dough

165 Columbia Heights

Whether it’s Armageddon or soaring property values, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have decided to get the hell out of Brooklyn, and they are one property closer to cutting all Earthly ties to their home of a century. An adorable carriage house at 165 Columbia Heights was sold for $4.1 million, city records show.

In their listing, Corcoran agents Ellen Newman and Lisa Detwiler choose their words carefully, not over-advertising the home’s provenance. “165 Columbia Heights is an example of the premier addresses of the Watchtower’s real estate holdings,” they write, referring to the group’s official name “The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.” Jehovah may be almighty but evoking His name doesn’t help on the real estate front.

The home features an enviable 4,172-square-foot layout with four bedrooms and four full baths. A gluttonous master bedroom includes a walk-in-closet and en-suite bath, while the vainglorious garage can hold four cars. The Witnesses were definitely not guilty of acedia (look it up), as the home has all new mechanicals.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose world headquarters have been located in Brooklyn Heights for over a century, are moving upstate to the town of Warwick. The group is in the process of selling property in the area worth between $600 million and $1 billion.

The buyers, George and Anita Feiger hail from San Francisco, where, according to the deed, they live in the Buena Vista terrace adjacent to Haight Street.


  1. LordA says:

    The little Vatican.
    The Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses has lots of money,just like Scientology HQ that took over Clearwater Florida buying up property that pays NO real estate taxes for town services also has lots of money.
    Watchtower not just Brooklyn but a Worldwide empire.Billons of dollars in assets they are indeed fabulously wealthy.Religions that are fortune 500 companies.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Jehovah’s Witnesses are not in the business of preaching the, “good news”. They are in the Real Estate business. Over the years, they have built up hundreds of millions of dollars of property in Brooklyn, NY (with 100% volunteer labor) and now they are selling it off. They have been preaching the wicked world will end “soon” for over 100 years. Wouldn’t “soon” actually be within a persons lifetime? I suppose the real problem that comes with being an “End-of-the world-cult” is when the end of the world never actually happens!
      The JW leaders would insist on making their members refuse a life-saving medical procedure they say is prohibited in the Bible.
      They are not allowed to say the Pledge Of Allegiance, or stand when the National Anthem is played. The leaders do not allow them to vote or even join the military. As a JW you are not even allowed to attend a birthday party. Can you say c-u-l-t?

    2. Terry Webb says:

      The Watchtower has denounced the opulent Roman Catholic Church for their opulence and corruption and the Watchtower a small niche of ‘puritan’  Bible students has in the end stage become just like their nemesis.

  2. Mike says:

    the poor JWs who are living a paupers existence on a meager SS check need to wonder just who in the Watchtower Org resided in a 4 million dollar carriage house while they gave up  college, a goood career and a family to push the Watchtower literature door to door- The JWs are just obsequious stooges for the WT leadership. Their ignorance of their abuse by WT leadership is unfortunately self inflicted- anyone who can type google can fiind out the truth about the WT rligion.

  3. lared says:

    The money that the W Society is receiving is really not a lot of money for all of incredible work that do.  Have you seen their first rate educational films?  How about the hundreds of millions of educational books and recordings that are available in hundreds of languages at no cost to people around the globe?  And by the way, the JWs that I know are in no way poor but live a good life.  It may be noted as well, that success and happiness are not always measured by dollar signs,….unless that is the scale that is important to you.  All in all, they are quite smart. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks my brother. Did you notice that the haters and complainers represent themselves only. Aren’t they like the “superfine apostles” Paul wrote about. How many of their own religion would welcome them if they met by serendipity? Only among JWs is there a warm feeling of brotherhood worldwide despite the language. What a blessing to be part of the brotherhood where we are growing worldwide in the proclamation of the Good News. Best let them stew in their own juices.

  4. Mycatslyone says:

    So much of the WT’s $$ goes to assist earth wide when  catastrophes strike, new Assembly Halls or KH’s need to be built, D.O. & C.O.’s traveling expenses, the small monthly stipend for those who live at the various Bethel homes around the world, Bible literature printed, food (which is grown on site) & shelter for the numerous livestock to feed the Bethelites, etc.
    What the world may constitute as a building worth millions is just a place to house & do kingdom business to JW’s . The buildings are all in good shape thanks to the skills &  volunteer work of JW’s but the $$ made or used has NOTHING to do with the personal income of JW’s themselves around the world. Some may be on welfare & using food stamps or in between jobs. But it’s not the responsibility of JW’s to find them a job or buy them food or support them financially. That’s their own individual  responsibility. If anyone wants to know more on this why  not ask them personally the  next time you see them? They’ll  be glad to talk to you about it.

    1. derek shultz says:

      The WT’s $$ only assists their own flock when catastrophes strike. It has been reported several times, that they ask people in need of aid bible questions or have them show their no blood card to prove they’re a JW.  Otherwise they are not entitled to receive their so called Christ like love.
      And if there truly were nothing to hide… Why doesn’t the WT supply statements  for the worldwide work to their own flock when requested? They show there expenses locally, but why not globally? Sounds like the truth…

      1. Penis says:

        Thats false jws helped out everyone when katrina hit. I know someone who went and they helped out everyone they could. They were primarily focused on jws but did provide assistance for those who needed it

      2. Anonymous says:

        In a minor earthquake in California, the brothers finished up early. Then they remembered a home of a woman just studying. They finished her home. The husband came from work and just could not believe how well they finished their home and even not being a JW.

        We had extra food in a flood near Venice, Italy. So we wrapped up some food and went door-to-door distributing the food free of charge. One lady said that her religion came by with meals, but they  charged her six dollars for it. JWs come by with free food. What a difference.

      3. lared says:

         Most families that I know take care of their own and then others when they can.  Perhaps you need to meditate on the following…..If there is a God, who is all powerful and loving, when catastrophes strike,….where is he?…..Why is he not assisting to the degree you would like?
        Additionally, when an individual waltzes into a Kingdom Hall looking for a monetary contribution or whatever, of course, one would want to know their status.  Do you often give a few dollars to  anyone on the street who asks?  If you do,….great.  If you don’t….you are pretty shrewd.  But the choice is yours.  And at this time, could you please respond with a detailed report of your finances.

      4. Derek Schultz says:

        If the WT is truly a non-profit organization, why doesn’t it show an annual statement to it’s own flock? Again, they have no problem doing this on a congregation level, so why not show the books on the worldwide work? Honesty is not part of the truth? Hmm…

        Reponses such as “primarily focused on jws”,  “the brothers finished up early”, “had extra food” only proves that my comment on how JW provide assistance in a catastrophe is truthful. Funny the bros remembered the woman studying needed help, I suppose it was easy to overlook her neighbours living on their rooftops?

        Hey Emeth… calling me a liar is quite the judgement my friend. I think you may’ve missed the forest for the trees…  As you know, there are several ways to prove if you truly are a JW. The blood card isn’t the requirement before being turned away from aid, it is  just one way of many to ensure the JW’s only help the JW’s. (or those studying, non baptized publisher, etc…) People have tried to fake being a JW in a catastrophe to receive assistance, and are asked to prove so when not recognized. Some JW’s are quite boastful of this fact as it somehow shows to them how great the organization is compared to the world!?! Good ol’ circular reasoning…

        Christ Jesus only fed those that could prove they were in the truth first, and then if there were any extra fish the so called pagans could live.

        Love has no bounds… maybe reread what your pal from Tarsus said on the matter and look for it’s application.

        To quote a JW…  “but we are brainwashed, we’ve washed off all the bad from the world”  :)

      5. Emeth says:

        derek derek derek…. what a liar you are :-)  asking for bloodcards hahaha lol

    2. Will B. Free says:

       Jehovah’s Witnesses, the people, are mostly self-sacrificing, good, honest, loving people.  Jehovah’s Witnesses, the corporations, are money makers.  The $$ that go to assist others, pay for Kingdom Hall expenses, D.O.’s, C.O.’s, are requested from the congregations as donations.

  5. K_did says:

    They don’t pay taxes of any sort, yet they like to quote the scripture that says ‘pay Caesars things to Caesar”. They cannot even obey the simplest of bible commandments. Hypocrites.

    1. The ‘religious’  Watchtower and it’s many corporations don’t pay income,sales,vending and the biggie Real Estate taxes.

      Only the lowly rank and file followers  pay normal taxes,sames as any and all churches.

      1. lared says:

         Of course they don’t pay.  They are not asked to pay.  If you don’t like this, don’t blame religious institutions, blame the federal government, they are the ones making the rules.

    2. moses says:

      Who said we don’t pay taxes. If what they did was illegal then prove it.

      1. Oh, Brother! says:

        You do, dummy. They don’t.  Get  it?

      2. Alex says:

        Well you sure do only take care of yourselves.
        Tell what did they do from the California property ‘Beth Sarem’ (house of princes)? It was a mansion in the western state for the Hebrew saints that your former WT president Judge Rutherford resided at?
        I believe it was sold in the 1950’s quietly to prevent further embarrassment.
        Just more things that don’t come true via the Watchtower Make It Up Society.

      3. lared says:

         You are living in the past without all the facts.  Time to move on.

      4. Miluna says:

         You refuse to look at facts or reality.  Time to open your eyes.

      5. Alex says:

        Ok…tell me the facts that are missing?
        Also why is the past and time to move on only relavent for your religions shortcomings when you will go back any amount of time to judge others?

      6. Alex says:

        Looks like Miluna is not up for the challenge.

    3. lared says:

       If taxes were mandated across the board for all religious institutions in New York or in the USA, of course they would pay their share.  But Caesar is not calling upon taxes to religious institutions.  Thus,  why be stupid and pay.  Do you pay taxes on your internet purchases if they are not called for?  Why not…don’t you want to ‘pay Caesars things to Caesar’?  

  6. Val says:

    K_did – we pay our taxes in obedience to that very scripture. I don’t know where you are getting your information from… but you need to find another source.

    1. Njmark70 says:

      Why waste your time trying to explain our position to them? These are critical times and people are looking for any excuse to pick fight or slander the governing body. The real question `they` need to be asking is why all of a sudden?
      Things are moving at such a fast pace, keep your eyes on Christ`s anointed brothers. We are about to see incredible things happen.
      For all you nay Sayers answer this: how could the bible predict that mankind would be talking about peace and security?

      1. No longer duped says:

        “slander the governing body” … hahahahahahaha

        do some research friend

        The Watch Tower has been predicting “incredible things” for over a hundred years.  Understand the past so you will not be doomed to repeat what followers of this religion (myself included)  have generation after overlapping generation.

    2. dera says:

      It is the huge Watchtower organization that pays NO TAXES.  You should check that out yourself, as I did.

  7. Undiscipulomas says:

    $4.1 million that won’t be used to feed the poor, take care of orphans and widows, and assist those less fortunate.

    $4.1 million that will be used to “trick and trap” people and divide families..

    …and they call themselves the TRUE Christian Church.

    1. David Hull (yates) says:

      I AM 66 and have been disfellowshipped for forty years and am still being demonized by the bad decisions my parents made. no college, no association with people that would have helped me advance in life. $4.1 millionwould help so many who are living a life of abstinence for Jehovah. I was pioneering in georgia in the winter living in an unheated travel trailer so these assholes can amass real estate holdings. who would have been living in such opulance? no pictures? such bullshit. I don’t think about it much anymore, I get irritated as you can see.

      1. Chrisbrown says:

        It’s a shame as a pioneer  you lost sight all the more now in the signs of the last days. Soon religion will be banned! Then the end will come. Indeed, 97 years into the generation means it is imminent!!!!

      2. Lonebison says:

         Chris, before you or any other of your cult members accuse others of  losing their sight, maybe you should take a look outside of the box you’re living in. The only thing “imminent” is the decay of your brain.

      3. Chris says:

        Time tells all!

      4. AAC says:

        You my friend need to accept responsibility for your own actions and decisions, and stop blaming others. You’ll never be happy until u do. You must have known that it would take some amount of sacrifice to be a pioneer, everybody does. Plus, being in an unheated travel trailer would make a person who is living in such a condition more likely to listen to u. This was an asset in your work and u didn’t even see it. People live in shit everyday!!! It’s your job to explain to them why this happens… i know witnesses that are extremely wealthy, and know witnesses that are extremely poor… but none is given preference over the other, if Jehovah wouldn’t, then man shouldn’t…. By the way, i’m not baptized as a witness, and i aint living a witness’s life, but i have been around them and associated with them, and i think they are a genuine and true set… give and take the ups and downs that comes with humans being born into imperfection.

    2. lared says:

       $4.1 million to be used in educational materials to help individuals off drugs, cigarettes, alcohol abuse, gambling addictions, violent behavior, etc, etc. 

      Of course the alcoholic wife that reforms may not be tolerated any longer by her alcoholic husband that could care less about Bible standards. 

      Do you get it?

      1. You seem to be inferring that the witnesses have lower rates of alcoholism and domestic violence. Do you have any evidence to support this?

        Lets look further at the woman in your example. If she to falls prey to the first people who knock on her door at her lowest moment they will then talk her out of receiving actual help, telling her that said help can’t really help her because it’s just part of Satan’s world. She is then taught to trust only those in the religion, to not question them. Every decision in her life is then micromanaged by a small group of old men claiming to represent God and receiving directions from him. 

        Is any of this inaccurate? These are the beliefs of the witnesses, are they not?
        Is any of this healthy?

      2. Steve says:

        Healthier than many other doctrines out there??? “Older men giving divine direction”– is “food at the proper time.” How else would Jesus be “with you until the end?” I’ve never chilled with him, have you?! Teaching dead ones turn into angels or burn in hell isn’t healthy. Teaching kids Santa is real to only one day have their entire belief crushed by the TRUTH is unhealthy!!! Not doctrines that are scripturally justified!

      3. AAC says:

        No decision of this woman is managed by old men, they simply give advice if one requests it, or if they observe abnormalities and think u might need some help. In the example, that woman would have been told to pray about whatever the case is, and then try to act in harmony with her prayers. Therefore, if she prays about wanting to stop her drinking problem, she must therefore in her everyday life display efforts to act in harmony with what she prayed about. A simple decision that such a woman might make would be to stop or lessen her association with her liquor hungry friends… but then what would her friends say and how would they act???

    3. Mollymobile says:

      come on are sad/desparate. they are excellent neighbors..of course there are a few who are nutty,like say,john mills in kingston,but hey,the rest are kewl

    4. Suesue says:

      Matthew 10:32 “Everyone, then, that confesses union with me before men, I will also confess union with him before my Father who is in the heavens; 33 but whoever disowns me before men, I will also disown him before my Father who is in the heavens. 34Do not think I came to put peace upon the earth; I came to put, not peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a young wife against her mother-in-law. 36Indeed, a man’s enemies will be persons of his own household. 37 He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me; and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me. 38 And whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after me is not worthy of me.39 He that finds his soul will lose it, and he that loses his soul for my sake will find it.

      1. Suesue says:

        Don’t misunderstand Jesus as condoning the division of families. His father created family circle and wants it to be the strongest bond; however, he knew when he came to set matters straight regarding “God’s Kingdom” that division would occur because many would be unable to forget what they’ve been thought already. But the “meek will inherit the earth!” It takes true courage to stand against one’s family for the True God! No one wants to lose their family; but to glorify god one must choose sides if not given another option. JW are counseled if family or mate allows you to practice, you should never leave; instead, remain yoked in harmony to provide a silent witness!

    5. AAC says:

      I disagree with u… I think u should do some research about how the witnesses provide help to “those less fortunate” before u make such comments. Get to the source or just ask them when u see them in the streets. It wont hurt u. :-|

  8. Talmeoff says:

    In 1925 the JW’s said:  “MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE”  the problem is: most of those people are now dead.

    Sadly, the JW’s beliefs have changed so much even in the last 15 years, that it’s not even the same religion that many were once a part of.  Notice how the 1914 belief is now gone?  It used to be all they ever talked about.

    They really should have given a sermon about how they will make MILLIONS in the real estate business.


    1. Alex says:

      Their message is just getting weaker and weaker. They are just turning into another ‘end times’ preaching group. They have to put great emphasis on their own magazines and publications because their message is only bits and pieces of the real focus of the scriptures.

      1. Jim says:

        matthew 24:14 “this good news will be preached in all the inhabited earth, and then the end will come.” Don’t dismiss Jehovah’s patience. As soon as we all want that day to come, his forbearance had led many to agree that,  “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”—Matthew 7:13, 14, For this we show a waiting attitude, because all His words shall return back to His mouth with result!; God shall never tell a lie!!!!

    2. lared says:

       Jesus said something similar at John 11:25,26:

      25 Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life; 26 and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. Do you believe this?”

      Aren’t most of those people dead also of whom Jesus was speaking to?

      1. Talmeoff says:

         That quote isn’t remotely the same as saying that “Millions now living will never die.”  At all.  And you know it.  The JW’s and Watchtower were not making the statement in any metaphorical sense.  It’s amazing how even you will lie and twist their statements to fit what you want to be true.  Thankfully, most people can see through it. 

    3. Larryhill says:

      1914 doctrine has never been more imminent! How close to fulfillment does our final prophecy seem– banning of religion, soon??? It’s not Obama’s fault- God said he would PUT into their hearts. 

    4. AAC says:

      1914 has always been, and still is a significant part of the witnesses beliefs and teaching. I suggest u go and find out how so right now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand why people who are jealous and envious of the J.W.’s, think it is necessary to use false and undocumented information to slander them. If you do not like the the Witnesses…JUST SAY SO…because these lies and accusations that you write about, and that you cannot prove is just a lot of blah, blah, blah!If you do continue complaining this way, please share your resources information, otherwise, you know, it is just a lot of blah, blah, blah!

    1. No longer duped says:

      Nobody is jealous or envious of JW’s.  Nobody is slandering them.  I am a Witness, my family and friends are Witnesses, but I don’t believe anymore, I know the religion can not be “the Truth”.  But when a person stops believing in the Organization and the religion holds the family members as hostage in the sense that the believer is to avoid the one who stops believing, if you ever got to that point you too might hate the religion.  The people aren’t hated, it’s the controlling tactics of the religion that are hated, a religion that has put itself on the throne of Christ, a religion that insists that only by following it can a person receive salvation, a religion that has twisted the counsel Paul gave about avoiding those who speak against the Christ to be about an organization of men.

      If you really want information, jw-facts (dot) com has plenty.

      1. No longer duped says:

        Oops .. that is jwfacts without the dash

  10. Artistjsudler says:

    For an organization that keeps preaching about the end of the current political world at the hand of God, I find it amusing that they keep building and expanding what they do in this world spending billions of $$$ all donated by the “poor and foolish” people of the world who allow themselves to be sucked into a belief system that cannot deliver what it promises. It is really a shame.

    One of their oft quoted prophecies of doom is when the political powers will turn on religion. If that came true it might actually be a blessing because every war has been either caused by religious fights or fanned into a frenzy of religious hatred. I don’t care what flavor your religion comes in, it has not done this world any favors.

    1. Erin Anonymous says:

      Honestly I never thought of it like this but you make one of the biggest points I can think of! If the end is so near and their people are to live as though it is around the corner why are they selling and expanding to bigger and better locations? If it were right around the corner what is the point???

      1. lared says:

         Do you understand what ‘the end’ signifies?  To many in the churches, it signifies the end of life on the planet earth, even the planet itself.  That is not the Bible teaching.  Ask yourself,…why would Noah build a bigger and better boat if the end was coming?  A further discussion with one of Jehovah’s Witnesses may help to clarify things.  What the Bible teaches is fascinating and very different from popular church teachings. 

  11. Jayvee1 says:

    So, where does all this money go? Do the higher ups live like the Pope or the religious.leaders of the Protestant sects televangelists?

    1. No longer duped says:

      Do the higher ups live like …. ?

      Perhaps not.  But the higher ups want for nothing and work for nothing.  The higher ups (Governing Body) have all of their expenses paid til death so long as they remain faithful believers.  They travel the world giving talks in resort lands.  They do not have to worry about housing costs, travel expenses, food expenses, medical expenses … nothing.  No, they aren’t making tons of money to line their pockets, but the lifestyle they live is something few of the faithful JW’s could afford and it is all tax free.  That has a value and a very strong motive for keeping up the charade.

      1. No longer duped says:

        Not to mention the “higher ups” are for all practical purposes venerated by over 7 million people …

        *** w10 9/15 p. 23 par. 8 “Your Leader Is One, the Christ” ***
        The anointed and their other sheep companions recognize that by following the lead of the modern-day Governing Body, they are in fact following their Leader, Christ.

        7 million people are basically doing “obeisance” to men.

      2. lared says:

        Try keeping up with their work load and schedule.  I think you would give up and move into a two bedroom apartment.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You do not seem to catch on as to why these properties demand so much money.  It is because the WBTS has owned them for over 100 years when they were bought cheaper.  Then all of the properties were maintained exceptionally.  They are being sold because we need more room and New York no longer has any.  You fail to understand because you keep thinking of us as just being like the false religions you are familiar with.  We are not.  No one is driving around in Rolls Royces.   No one makes a profit or grows rich from those efforts.  All of the cash is put back into the ministry.  We use the money from property sales to buy replacement property that is more siuted to our present and future needs.  The literature printed is never sold for any profit.  Even when a contribution is asked, how much profit is there from a hard backed book for 50 cents?  That will certainly buy several Cadilacs!  Our ministry is ordered by Jesus himself at Matthew 18:19-20.  Unlike other religions, we obey Jesus Christ in all things.

    1. No longer duped says:

      The literature printed is never sold for any profit. 

                ~ at least not since the Watch Tower stopped asking a specific price for their literature because the U.S. Government decided it should be taxable …  from that point on it was available on a donation basis.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I am talking about before the time of government taxation.  40 years ago, the magazines were a nickel and books for 25 to 50 cents.  Certainly no profit could be made from these.  It was only to recover most of the cost for printing.  We do not do our ministry for profit.  Unlike your clergies only after profits.  I look on the bookshelves of stores and find preachers selling books supposedly on religion for $20-30.  These are only for profits.  No spiritual education is provided from them.

        No.  we do not spend money to build hospitals or schools.  That is not what Jesus instructed his people to do.  Although what he ordered was an educational work, it was to teach about the Bible truths so that each person could know what they must do if they want Jehovah God’s favor.  Many will not–most in fact.  But they all must receive a warning about what Jehovah will soon do in destroying those who cling to Satan’s organization.  If they then refuse, it will be on their own heads.

        Our message has not changed, dispite all those that try to twist history to convince others of lies.  No, we did not predict Armageddon was going to happen on a specific date.  Yes we hoped it would be sooner than later.  Men and women of good hearts could not see things getting worse than they were, but they did get worse.  We would prefer it today.  Now we have perspective.  The longer it is with held, the more thousands come out of false religions into the Truth of God’s word, the Bible.  That is why according to the Pew Research Polls, Jehovah’s Witnesses are the fastest growing religion by percentage of all in the world.  Only those participating actively in the public ministry for several months in a row are counted as members.  Not for just filling a seat as in most religions.  So though I personally suffer at this time, I have more desire to wait on Jehovah while more people turn to him for life giving truth.  We know even if we die, Jehovah has the power to bring us back to life and will not forget those who faithfully serve him.

      2. Will B. Free says:

         Friend, you must be young, perhaps raised a Witness … yes, the Organization did predict dates for Armageddon, it is true.  This is a big reason the Organization discourages you from doing research into its history, they print books that provide a sanitized version of its history and expect you to only look to that for truthful answers.  They consider your questioning them to be the same as questioning God.

        *** w10 7/15 p. 6 par. 15 What Jehovah’s Day Will Reveal ***
        those individuals should keep in mind that by making such remarks, they are actually questioning Jehovah and his Son, not just the faithful slave class.

        Read Galatians chapter 1 and see Paul’s attitude about Christians questioning what he taught.  Ask yourself if the Organization and/or Governing Body has the same attitude.

      3. Anonymous says:

        I am 58.  I have read the books and lived the history, not just imagined it.  No, Armageddon was not announced with a due date.  We live in the final days of this wicked system, but only Jehovah decides when the exact date and time will be.  Certainly if Jesus did not know, why should he speak to any old man or men about it?

        You must be referring to Gal. 1:7-8.  “But it is not another; only there are certain ones who are causing YOU trouble and wanting to pervert the good news about the Christ. 8 However, even if we or an angel out of heaven were to declare to YOU as good news something beyond what we declared to YOU as good news, let him be accursed. ”

        This is rather showing those who try to add to God’s Word with teachings that reject what has been written are “accursed”.  That would include trinity, immortal soul, hellfire or lying about “predicting dates for Armageddon.”

      4. Miluna says:

         Okay, now you’re just lying.  There were many of us there when 1975 was predicted as Armageddon’s date – it was preached all over from the STAGE.  Don’t try to revise history.

        Not to mention one of the main tenants – the belief that those JW’s who were of cognitive age in 1914 would NEVER DIE – that belief has disappeared.  Why?   Hmm…. because they ALL DIED.

      5. Anonymous says:

        Forgive me.  You must be one of those who got your mutiplication tables right on the first try.  How long did it take you to graduate from what took the rest of us 12 years to complete?  Was it a whole week?

        Of course you would think yourself better than the disciples of Jesus.  Even as recorded in the 1st chapter of Acts, they made the mistake still in thinking the resurrected Jesus was going to establish his Kingdom literally in Jerusalem.  Even though his next act was to ascend back to heaven.  They did not understand until a few days later when they were anointed with God’s holy spirit, that his Kingdom was a heavenly one taking in the entire planet.

        The big difference is that with Jehovah’s Witnesses, if we are wrong or do not have the proper understanding of something, we go back to tthe scriptures, seek a better understanding, and change appropriately.  Neither do we believe babies are brought by storks or under cabbage leaves.  Now, you do not still believe that or do you?

      6. lared says:

        Which STAGE did you listen to?  Take a look at all of the Watchtowers and Awakes printed in 1974 and 1975.  Don’t you think this thought would have been put on upon each and every cover.  I can’t even find one sentence stating this in any of those hundreds of issues in those years.  And why did you not listen first to the Scriptures where it says not to put your trust in nobles on in the sons of earthling man.  Sad to say, there are those that are or were JWs that worship an organization of imperfect men and women rather then the true God himself.  Time to reevaluate.  

      7. Miluna says:

         Riiiight.  What’s next?  Are you going to deny that JW’s highly discouraged their members from getting a college education?  You’ll probably also deny that many children in the church were molested by members and yet the elders wouldn’t report them to police because they’re afraid it will make the church look bad.  Is that not a huge issue?

        Listen, I was a part of the JW religion my entire life and saw all that stuff.  I was an elder and a pioneer for years.  However, those very events – from predictions to molestation cover-ups (not to mention the contradiction-riddled beliefs) all made me realize I couldn’t be a part of this corrupt organization. 

      8. Will B. Free says:

        In 1980 the Watch Tower organization made an admission in the Watchtower 3/15 edition, pg. 17 about 1975.

        1967 District Convention, Wisconsin Sheboygan District Overseer Brother Charles Sunutko presented the talk “Serving with Everlasting Life in View”, making the following statement: “Well now, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, as runners, even though some of us have become a little weary, it almost seems as though Jehovah has provided meat in due season. Because he’s held up before all of us, a new goal. A new year. Something to reach out for and it just seems it has given all of us so much more energy and power in this final burst of speed to the finish line. And that’s the year 1975. Well, we don’t have to guess what the year 1975 means if we read the Watchtower. And don’t wait ’till 1975. The door is going to be shut before then. As one brother put it, “Stay alive to Seventy-Five””

        More publications to check … (unfortunately, the Watchtower Library CD has conveniently left most of these publications out)

        Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God 1966 pp.26-30
        Watchtower 1966 October 15 pp.629,631
        Awake! 1966 Oct 8 pp.19-20
        Watchtower 1968 May 1 p.272
        Awake! 1968 Oct 8 p.13
        Watchtower 1968 Aug 15 p.494 Why Are You Looking Forward to 1975?
        Awake! 1969 May 22 p.15

        Because of this emphasis on 1975, Watch Tower boasted in it’s magazine Awake! …
        “Today there is a great crowd of people who are confident that a destruction of even greater magnitude is now imminent. The evidence is that Jesus’ prophecy will shortly have a major fulfilment, upon this entire system of things. This has been a major factor in influencing many couples to decide not to have children at this time.” Awake! 1974 Nov 8 p.11

        Of course, they were much more insistent when proclaiming 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925 ….

        Watch Tower claims to be a “prophet”  (Watchtower 1974 4/1 pg. 197)

        Therefore, the following would apply ….

        (Deuteronomy 18:21, 22) 21 And in case you should say in your heart: “How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?” 22 when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. You must not get frightened at him.’

      9. Will B. Free says:

         Well, fifty-eight and you are not really aware of the history and teaching of the religion.  But that is understandable, I am 46, I also ignored the past and always changed with the “new light” the Organization came out with.  Yes, the Watchtower did in print predict Armageddon … 1914 and then 1915, 1925, 1941, 1975 … then, the 70 or 80 years was heavily stressed for a generation, leading followers to believe the end for sure would come between ’84 and ’94, then when it didn’t come by ’94 new light changed the generation understanding in ’95 and it has changed a couple of times again since.  Go figure.

      10. Anonymous says:

        Again, quite wrong.  1975 for instance, when I was there for every meeting and publication.  1975, according to Bible chronology, was th end of man being on earth for 6,000 years.  That is all it was.  With each Creative Day being 7,000 years long and only the 7th Day open ended, that left only 1,000 years to go.  Christ’s reign as King over God’s Kingdom is to last a thousand years.  Which would make up the 7,000 years of the 7th day.

        But is it not wonderful that Jehovah does not do things according to human timetables?  But none of the Society’s publications said 1975 would be when Armageddon would occur.  Those are just day dreams of the ignorant, the jealous, the oversteppers and the apostates.  Real Jehovah’s Witnesses are content to wait on Jehovah’s absolute perfect time to bring Armageddon.

        By the way to Whathehadas, it would depend on why one wanted a bigger house.  Certainly if a larger one was necessary to get more work done, it would be perfectly acceptable.  Which is why New York needs the room in Wahkill.  Also why new Kingdom Halls are needed as well.

      11. Will B. Free says:

        ” Those are just day dreams of the ignorant, the jealous, the oversteppers and the apostates. ”

        Those were the teachings of Freddy Franz.  1975 was so heavily implied and taught but due to past embarrassments publications were carefully worded to offer deniability.  You know JW’s have to read between the lines.  There are recordings of talks given prior to ’75 (at conventions, by org reps) that makes it 100% clear what the Society meant about ’75.

        Ignorance is a choice.

      12. Anonymous says:

        Don’t you find it amazing when people are confronted by others who were there for all of the talks and read the publications, suddenly they admit this was not done in 1975 but years earlier?  Now it is only talks, not publications supposedly containing 1975 as the date for Armageddon.  We have actually known for many decades it is up to  Jehovah exactly when it begins.  Not any human, whether Jehovah’s Witnesses or not.

      13. Will B. Free says:

        “suddenly they admit this was not done in 1975 but years earlier”

        Are you really that dumb?

        Of course it all began years earlier … “stay alive ’til ’75” … for crying out loud, the year was pointed to years before 1975, they didn’t all of a sudden say, hey, it’s 1975, Armageddon will come this year.

        The publications exist, I didn’t say they don’t, your mind has to be opened from the cult control to see it though.

  13. jw says:

    How Brooklyn Heights will change when Jehovah´s Witnesses are no longer there…

    1. Tonic says:

       Yeah, those buildings will actually house people who pay taxes, support local businesses, become a part of the community and help others besides those in their own religion. 

      1. lared says:

         Sounds like it is going to become paradise.   Just like the Bossert, Towers, and all other buildings were before the Witnesses came along and restored them.

    2. lared says:

       There will still be many J.W.’s living in Brooklyn Heights just as they live in all other communities.

  14. Jerry Coates says:

    Jesus said in Mathew , chapter 24, that the good news would be preached in all the Earth. I have not found any other group doing this.

    We are 7.7 million worldwide united as brothers and sisters. I have found among us that our income range is similar worldwide. We pay our taxes according to the  law.  Much negativity said in these comments blame the organisation. Most of  these things are voluntary, seeing to their own desires. They do not rule us from the headquarters.

    Jesus fed 5 thousand men and families as recorded in John  Chapter six. A day  or two later, they came looking for Jesus. He told them they were not  spiritual, only interested in a handout. He refused another handout. He spoke so forcefully that many left him but the faithful ones, verse 67.

    We are united as a brotherhood worldwide. There is no feeling like this anywhere else. The result of this work ws a 2.6% increse worldwide. Take the time to talk to  us the next time we call. You will be blessed.

    1. No longer duped says:

      “Jesus said in Mathew , chapter 24, that the good news would be preached
      in all the Earth. I have not found any other group doing this.”

      That was something I always fell back on when something didn’t seem right … who else is doing that?  The real question to ask yourself should be … is the “good news” that JW’s are preaching the same “gospel” message that Jesus and first century Christians did?  Read the book of Acts, not the book being studied at the “Congregation Bible Study”, but the actual Bible, and see if the method and message are the same.

      “We are united as a brotherhood worldwide. There is no feeling like this anywhere else.”

      Start looking around the individual congregations, is this really Christian love?  How many feel ignored, avoided, gossiped about, guilt ridden, etc.  Mormons preach … they have a larger percentage of growth, the have unity, if they don’t have “the truth” how can you point at the same evidence to say JW’s do?

    2. Alex says:

      Really? Are you really voluntary? Someone is either a birth member (who gets baptized as expected by his family/community) or joins because they are scared into it (check into your publications to see people screaming and dying outside of your sect).
      So after some time and consideration one feels they made a great error joining. So your group says they are ‘free to go’. Yet at this point they will lose their family friends and even children/moms/dads. Your extreme shunning is not love but an incredible form of control. That makes you a member of a high control group.
      You fail to be honest telling people that you have to hand in a field service report showing how many hours that month you spent going ‘house to house’ (by the way it is not required to be a true christian but your NWT has changed their wording in it to give it that impression).
      You talk about preaching to good news, yet the good news that Watchtower teaches you to talk about is different than the scriptures. Your good news is that world is so bad. Not the same flavour as what the scriptures say but you will never know that. You are forced to read the Watchtower and other of their publications so things are seen in a different light. Why do you promise a bible study to new ‘persons of interest’ then only end up providing them a Watchtower Book Study? Not the same.
      Your united is only uniformity. Show us where in the first century church (sorry congregation for you), that every congregation studies and read the exact same thing.
      You don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus (saying it was not his body that rose but perhaps it dissolved in gases) Sorry but that is not a resurrection but a recreation of Jesus. You believe in three different Jesus Christs…Michael the Archangel then Jesus then Michael again.
      When one starts to investigate the Watchtower and its history/teachings a lot of weird things start to show. Just like the Mormons. Sorry but that is the truth.
      I guess that is why the WT leadership feels threatened by the brothers and sisters looking outside of their picture frame.

  15. Alex says:

    Now that these properties are going to be held in ‘worldly hands’, will Jehovah and Jesus Christ destroy them at the great battle of Armagedon?

    1. lared says:

      Perhaps,…..sort of like the Garden of Eden being destroyed at the time of the Flood.  

  16. Whathehadas says:

    Reading these comments. It is quite obvious who are mind control. You have a article stated the selling of a multimillion dollar property by a tax free, voluntarily donated, multimillion dollar, created by “Jehovah”, man operated Coporation. Some things should stand out as unethical to the common person. If a rank & file Witness sold their house for a high price, then moved to a bigger place. They would be labeled by fellow members as materialistic and not keeping watch of the times. That’s quite a double standard. Blinders seem to come on when the “governing body/faithful slave” makes decisions.

    1. lared says:

       If I were to sell my house and move to a larger abode for the sake of helping others, I doubt I would be deemed materialistic.  Nonetheless, I tend to follow the Bible counsel to mind my own business and could care less who owns what and what square footage, etc.  Was, or is that a big deal to you, or who you hung out with?  I am sure you have other thoughts to consider.

  17. Emeth says:

    still 1 billion dollars to go the next few years!

    1. lared says:

       Still a lot of work ahead.

  18. Octavi Centelles Blog says:

    PRESS RELEASEoctavicentelles.blogspot.comAgustí Centelles i Ossó HeirsBarcelona, 23th March 2010Issue: Judicial demand for photographic use without permissionSergi and Octavi centelles i Martí have ordered their lawyers to lodge a complaint before the court against “Jehovah’s witnesses” organisation due to the use without permission, authorisation, authorship omission, picture mutilation and worldwide use of an image made by Agustí Centelles i Ossó.The religious organisation got a photographic copy without use permission, from the History town Institut of Barcelona city council. During the purchase of the photographic copy, they omit the worldwide circulation not observing the use terms of the delivery note nor handing over complimentary copies to the archive.The picture was taken during Lleida bombing in November 1937, and it shows a woman crying before de dead body of her husband. This picture was published in “The Watchtower ” magazine the 15 February 1994, page 3.After a year of negotiations trying to avoid a jucial demand by reaching an agreement, and before the “Jehovah’s witnesses” organisation attitude, the Agustí Centelles i Ossó heirs have feel forced to lodge a demand against them, for the use of this picture published in a magazine in more of 116 languages. And, afterwards, it has been re-use in a book in several editions without print-run date.The object of this demand is the recognition of the author, and fair compensation for moral and material damages as consequence of its use; always with all the due respect to the beliefs of each society group.This case is the first of several claims for illegal uses of Agustí Centelles i Ossó pictures. Other publishers have simply tried “to steal” the authorship by stating “unknown author”.Barcelona, 23th March 2010Sergi and Octavi Centelles i Martí

  19. lared says:

     Sounds like a genius.

    1. EyesOpen says:

       Exactly.  Cult-leaders are usually supreme manipulators and very shrewd.

  20. Anthony says:

    As someone who’s family was ripped apart by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I implore anyone who’s studying to become one or knows anyone interested in doing so to DO RESEARCH ABOUT THEM before the same happens to you. 

    Total cult. 

  21. algonz says:

    Question for those that say the Watchtower is a money making scheme (without a single shred of evidence) They currently print in one way or another in 518 languages (FYI more than anyone else in this world) of those languages how many are third world countries? most of them of course….So really they are losing money not making it….consider that these are distributed at no charge…and that many of those languages population maybe 100 or more….really then what Corporation does this that is in the business of making money…..Just admit that you have hatred you dont fool the smart ones that can reason…Another thing many of these “apostates” return to believing in the trinity, hell fire, that Jesus is God, and thus they have sunk right back into false religion all the while hating the group that showed them from the Bible the truth… in return the offer nothing but hatred!

    1. Will B. Free says:

       Denial is a symptom.  Ignorance is a choice.

      Slap the “apostate” label on a person and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. has you conditioned to ignore whatever the “apostate” says as valueless and as lies without even examining it for yourself.  Mind off.

      1. algonz says:

        Mind off!!!…..You dont know me! Before I started studying with the Witnesses I read every contrary thing out there about them and compared…. stopped studying ….went back and forth…until I saw with my very own eyes.. I have never seen a more transparent organization like this one….Brothers, when the great tribulation comes and the governments of this world demand an accounting of all religions….The only clean and honest one will be Jehovah’s organization you know it I know it… soon.. Jehovah will sanctify his name and all will know it!

      2. Will B. Free says:

         Well, don’t hold your breath.  And you better turn that mind off … go to jw dot org and get the latest study edition Watchtower and obey it’s counsel, they don’t want you here.

      3. algonz says:

        I dont really care about what you say neither am I doing this in reply to your nonsense… You are being used as an example thats all :)

      4. Will B. Free says:

         Thanks for using me :)

        Is it nonsense that I directed you to the faithful slave’s official publications to help you to be in line with their spirit-directed teaching?  May 2012 Watchtower study edition page 26, available for download yesterday at the Watchtower’s official truth dispensing website, strongly urges you not to engage in discussions on the internet such as this.

      5. Alex says:

        JW’s are not to go on the Internet?
        What is the society afraid of?
        I guess it is too easy to copy and paste material that does not support the Watchtower Organizations belief system.
        It must be frustrating for the governing body leadership to try to maintain information and therefore control on their flock.

      6. Will B. Free says:

         Well, there you have it, algonz saw the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. as the Truth, it must be.

        Hmmmm.  So much for Jesus being “the truth and the way and the life”, I guess the way to the Father is through the Governing Body.

      7. algonz says:

        Another lie….the Governing Body always points to Jesus as being the way…….  You seem to think we dont… so let me quote one of 40 references to John 14:6

        “Jesus Christ is “the way.” That is, he is the only one through whom it is possible for us to approach God. This is true in the matter of prayer, for only by praying through Jesus do we have the assurance that the Father will give us whatever we may request in harmony with His will. (John 15:16) However, Jesus is “the way” also in a further sense. Sin has alienated mankind from God. (Isa. 59:2) Jesus gave “his soul a ransom in exchange for many.” (Matt. 20:28) As a result, the Bible explains: “The blood of Jesus . . . cleanses us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7) The Son has thus opened up the way of reconciliation with God. (Rom. 5:8-10) It is by putting faith in Jesus and obeying him that we can have an approved relationship with God.—John 3:36.” 

      8. lared says:

         Apostates have no true spirituality.  Their focus is always on imperfect men and organizations.  Sad to say, many, when Witnesses worshiped the governing body or other men.  Then, when they failed them, they left and became bitter.  It is obvious they are not of our sort.  J.W.’s understand the relative position of imperfect men taking the lead but as always they have dedicated their lives to Jehovah God.  That is why apostates will always have an axe to grind.  Very sad.  If they had dedicated their lives to Jehovah in the first place, they would have continued to endure.  Matthew 24:13.

      9. Alex says:

        You should copy and save your post here Iared  for some day when you reflect back on how brainwashed you were at this moment in you life. If the consequences weren’t so tragic with so many high control religion experiences (often affecting relationships with loved ones) it could have almost been considered entertaining.
        You really need to take a good look at the picture with yourself outside of the frame.

      10. Will B. Free says:

         I wouldn’t judge your spirituality, apparently you have the ability to judge others, all I suggest is you examine what your faith is in, what is the basis of it, why you are convinced that Jesus selected The Watch Tower organization as his “faithful and discreet slave” class in 1918?

      11. Tom says:

         Catholics say the same thing.  The only difference is you’ve decided that reasoning is good for your religion but bad for theirs.

      12. Will B. Free says:

         You do realize that the scriptures you quote refer only to the anointed according to Watch Tower teaching.  If you want I can provide you with the recent study articles that will help clear this up for you … or you can ask one of your elders if Jesus is your mediator and if the ransom and blood applies to the great crowd.  (assuming of course that you consider yourself to be of the “great crowd” class)

      13. Alex says:

        “The only clean and honest one will be Jehovah’s organization you know it I know it… soon.. Jehovah will sanctify his name and all will know it!”~ algonz

        Ok Mr. clean and honest. Define ‘soon’.  Is it going to really be soon as in
        “the doctor will soon be here” or is it going to be like the Watchtower’s use of soon meaning for the last hundred years things are going to happen…….soon…….soon…….soon……etc…….etc……etc……still nothing…….still nothing…….! 

      14. Alex says:

        Hey algonz
        When JW’s do their mandatory door to door work (to make sure they meet the minimum 10 hours on their service report and therefor not be judged as being spiritually week by other members), do they not fantasize about which rich persons house they are going to occupy after Armageddon?
        If so why doesn’t the Watchtower just stay put and they can dream about which multinational manufacturer they can occupy for post Armageddon production of the Watchtower/Awakes etc?
        Maybe the New York Times or something like that?

    2. Will B. Free says:

       Jehovah’s Witnesses, for the most part, are good, honest, loving people … that doesn’t make the religious organization the “Truth”.  Ultimately the religion defines what is appropriate, much like the Pharisees.

      Cults are full of good people, it just so happens the Watch Tower organization has become one of the larger ones.

  22. Emeth says:

    so JJ if all the things you mentioned are true…. what is the point? You did not mention that he was involved in drugs,.. weapons… prostitution and so on. You only mentioned legal things. Well if he did that it only tells us it was a clever guy.

    And your source for your claims is a self fabricated webpage on an Anti-JW site without any further credible references and full of speculation.

  23. JW’s are sickening. Nevertheless, they ARE masters at sucking-in the emotionally troubled
    basket cases and then getting them to work for nothing and/or follow ‘rules’ that would have made Adolph’s Schutzstaffel [S.S.] proud.  Witnesses I’ve met are so sickening sweet you want to vomit.  And if given half a chance they will quote biblical passages to support the monumental fraud of the Watchtower.   For the uninformed, Witnesses support no schools
    [except their Brainwashing Academy in Bethel], no charities, no hospitals, they don’t vote, celebrate birthdays or holidays and are – generally speaking – living in a world of their own.
    My beautiful ex has not said a word, sent a card – zip, zero, nothing, nada – to our 5 children
    in nearly 30 years because of some bullshit issued by the Watchtower: 30 years and not a word!  Every article, every magazine, every book published by the Watchtower is absent the authors names. Why?  Because it will induce pride in the author. GAWD! From my point of view however, I wouldn’t want my name on the crap they publish….either. What are the credentials of the top management at Watchtower headquarters? They keep that a secret not unlike the Manhattan Project.  Anyone who can break through that zone of secrecy…..’let me know.  

  24. Conyo1213 says:

    como on guys dont hate, its not their promble that u do something and dont repent of ur actions. their is a reason that they do that. they are good people!!!

  25. Suesue says:

    Matthew 10:32 “Everyone, then, that confesses union with me before men, I will also confess union with him before my Father who is in the heavens; 33 but whoever disowns me before men, I will also disown him before my Father who is in the heavens. 34Do not think I came to put peace upon the earth; I came to put, not peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a young wife against her mother-in-law. 36Indeed, a man’s enemies will be persons of his own household. 37 He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me; and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me. 38 And whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after me is not worthy of me.39 He that finds his soul will lose it, and he that loses his soul for my sake will find it.

  26. Oddworldly says:

    The house isn’t owned by the “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, it is owned by “The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” which is one of the legal instruments used by Jehovah’s Witnesses. The name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” is not a corporation, it is what we do.
    It’s strange as soon as someone mentions money and nonprofit together, everyone thinks they have an unspoken right to decide what should be done with the money. The house was probably donated to the organisation, it’s not as if they are in the business of buying and selling houses. If they sell a house and use the money as they see fit, it’s nobody’s business but theirs and the bodies that make sure nonprofit organisations are exactly that.

    Making sure the house is in good condition and has all the modern conveniences a prospective buyer could desire is just common sense. The writer of this article might want to consider leaving her prejudices aside in the future, it’s not exactly pretty journalism.

  27. mic the guy says:

    4.1 Million that will be used to spread truth, Oh and check the record on disaster relief, that money will be put to very good use. 

  28. abiisss says:

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a dangerous CULT! Run away from them! run!!

  29. M.E. says:

    Wow!! don’t you understand. it is Jehovah purpose, something it happening.  Thing about it, look at the world condiions, and take a good long look at your self!  The gate is still open contact Jehovah witnesses and ask some questions.  You will be happy you did……… 

    1. Alex says:

      Lets see here. The gate is still open? For over 130 years that rusty old gate has been open. And nothing has happened.
      Also it is interesting that the world was in darkness (ie. no Jehovah’s Witness or Watchtower Organization) for almost 2,000 years then came the prophet (founder and first president) Charles Taze Russel.
      Do you realize M.E. that many people view you as you would view the Mormons?
      Just a lot of weird stuff that is not given the same weight in the scriptures as you think. Paul said to ‘read the scriptures daily’. Not the Watchtower or Awake.