Jim Carrey’s Daughter Doesn’t Make the Cut on American Idol, Surprisingly (Video)

Jane Carrey, no longer an 'Idol'

A lot of times it feels like we know too much about the children of celebrities. Like Blue Ivy Carter is only a month old, and we already know how many nannies she had, how much her birth cost, and that there’s a strain of weed named after her. But sometimes the children of famous people stay out of the spotlight, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves to the world. (Lily Atkinson, we’re waiting for your starring role!)

Such was the case with Jim Carey‘s daughter, Jane Carrey, who is currently auditioning on American Idol, because she doesn’t want to trade on her family name and wants to “make (her) place in the world,” without people pressuring her to be better because her dad was in Dumb & Dumber, because under pressure, we learn, Ms. Carrey tends to choke.

Which is exactly what happened when she made it past the first round of Idol.

From the moment Ms. Carrey showed up on American Idol, auditioning with “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About,” it was obvious that the biggest thing carrying her to the stage was nepotism.

She was okay? She wasn’t great, she was fine, but after the way Jennifer Lopez fawned over the 24-year-old waitress (“Oh my god, do you remember me? I was a Fly Girl!” –What J.Lo says to every person who auditions, naturally) it was obvious that no matter how mediocre her talent was, Ms. Carrey was going on to the next level. And the next.

Or at least that’s what we thought. They would have to keep Jane Carrey on until at least her father showed up to cheer her on, right? How could the world not vote for this previously unknown daughter of Ace Ventura? But tonight proved that even American Idol has some standards on how much it was willing to fame-whore itself out. Ms. Carrey’s quavering rendition of “Lookin’ Out My Backdoor” put her on the cutting block. And just like that, all that buzz that Jenny McCarthy was trying to bring to her ex’s daughter (America text your votes!) was rendered moot. We did get to hear daddy Jim on the phone however, as he told his daughter over the phone that he’s been told “no” a lot in his life. (Also, he lived in a trailer for a long time, which is a weird thing we always forget about him.)

Look: a ton of people get to be famous because their parents are famous, and it’s commendable that Ms. Carrey put herself out there on a forum to be judged by America instead of just getting daddy to pay for a studio session. She has a real job, and a life. Even though she was cut from American Idol, she seems like a grounded, very nice young lady whose ego hasn’t been blown out of proportion by people telling her what a great voice she has. She’ll do fine.

Jim Carrey’s Daughter Doesn’t Make the Cut on American Idol, Surprisingly (Video)