Judge overturns dismissal of Rumana ethics complaint

A Superior Court Judge today voided a state ethics commission decision to dismiss a complaint against Assemblyman Scott Rumana.

Judge Linda Feinberg ruled that because one commission member participated by telephone in the vote to dismiss – against the bylaws of the committee – the decision is voided.

Since the terms of the ethics commission coincide with the Legislature, the commission that heard the complaint is no longer in their posts. Feinberg left any future consideration of the complaint up to the new commission once it is seated.

Former Assembly candidate Bill Brennan who brought the complaint against Rumana alleging that he had violated legislative ethics rules by attempting to appear before a state body to advocate on behalf of an energy project in Wayne, said he intends to continue to push the complaint.

“Rumana’s misconduct, self dealing and conflicts of interest cost my community over $12 million dollars in lost grants, solar power and SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and I intend to hold him accountable,” Brennan said.

Initially, delays on the project cost the city of Wayne $2.2 million in grant money lost when a solar energy project was not built.  Brennan says the remaining $10 million resulted from lost Solar Renewable Energy Credits the project would have generated over 20 years. 

For his part, Rumana showed his frustration with the claim that has been meandering through the system for nearly two years.

“It’s unfortunate that a project which would have benefited the public continues to be the political obsession of an individual unwilling to accept an esteemed body’s dismissal of his frivolous complaint in its entirety,” Rumana said.

Judge overturns dismissal of Rumana ethics complaint