Lana Del Rey Postpones Tour

Lana Del Rey (Getty Images)

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Lana Del Rey in the flesh shall have to stand outside the gingerbread house in which she lives and attempt to nibble their way in. Sadly, her tour has reportedly been postponed, a casualty of her by-now-legendary-but-only-because-we-all-forgot-Ashlee-Simpson performance on Saturday Night Live.

Pop historians may recall past instances of the called-off tour amid scandal, from Kanye West canceling the “Fame Kills” tour after storming the stage at the VMAs to Christina Aguilera calling off concerts to promote Bionic after that album bombed; in her time spent not touring, we hope Lana Del Rey learns to perform just better enough so that she won’t be universally mocked, without losing that which makes her the sort of intriguing curiosity from whom anyone might actually buy tickets.