Last Night Was The Third Most-Watched Super Bowl Ever

Last night’s Super Bowl received the third-best “overnight” ratings of all time, following only the games held in 1987 and 2011. It was good news for NBC all around, with a 47.8 rating for the game and a 19.4 rating for the lead-out program The Voice (that series’s best rating ever). The program increased in ratings throughout its run, with its highest ratings in the 9:30-10:00 half hour. Most interesting for fans of Illuminati symbolism may be the detail that Madonna’s halftime show improved upon the ratings of Bruce Springsteen’s 2009 show by 20 percent and the Black Eyed Peas’ 2011 show by one percent.


  1. Enoughisperfect says:

    i see. so the blogs expose the symbolism happening real time, so the next morning the establishment admits to and throws it in our face and says, “so what.”

  2. Jshdodd91 says:

    So you’re actually admitting hat it was an Illuminati symbology? Shocking. I thought that was just a “conspiracy theory” only whack jobs believed in. 

    “Lucifer, the
    Light-Bearer!…Strange and mysterious name to give the Spirit of
    Darkness!…Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!…Is it he who bears the
    light?…Doubt it not!” -Albert Pike (Renowned Freemason)