Last Week in Betabeat: Scroogle, Tumblr, Biz Dev and the Buddy VC

lastweekcat11 Last Week in Betabeat: Scroogle, Tumblr, Biz Dev and the Buddy VCTo busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Friends Investing in Friends: When It Comes to Startups, Is the Fix Already In?
It’s an insider’s game, but anyone can join it.

REQUIRED READING: Scroogle May Have Been a Victim of Hackers, Not Google
The plot thickens!

REQUIRED READING: Spin Transfer Tech Spins Out of PE-Backed Startup Factory Into a $36 M. A Round
How does a technology become a startup?

-After Six Years and Three Rejections,’s Steve Rosenbaum Gets a Patent for Video Discovery
-Bitcoin Exchange TradeHill Suspends Trading
-Exfm Raises $1.5 M. (and $1) From Previous Investor Spark Capital
-Canadian Goverment Sending Six Startups to General Assembly for Three Months
-Village Ventures Breaks Up the VC Band: Cofounders Head to Bain and Greycroft
-ff Venture Capital Quietly Raised a $27 M. Fund Last November and Has Already Invested in 23 Startups
-At Tumblr HQ, Mayor Bloomberg Announces Daniel Huttenlocher as the Founding Dean of New Tech Campus

-Nine Startups Tried to Teach Brooklyn Bowl How to Share Last Night
-The Rise of the Buddy VC
-Biz Dev is Having a Moment
-Startup Born on Fred Wilson’s Blog Raises $540K Seed Round, Heads to New York
-Rumors & Acquisitions: Kerfuffles Edition

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