Last Week in Betabeat: Seven Days of Meetups

lastweekcat1 Last Week in Betabeat: Seven Days of MeetupsToo busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: I’m Here to Make Friends: A Spin Through New York’s Meetups

REQUIRED READING: Big Data Funding Gets Bigger: IA Ventures Raised $105 M, Bouble Its Previous Fund

REQUIRED READING: Dwolla Announces Funding Led by Union Square Ventures


-‘NY Tech Day’ to Cement City’s Tradition of Massive Tech Events, a Social Network for Street Style is Raising a 760K Debt Round
-Youngest Person in New York Tech Meetup History Demos iPad App
-Cornell Plans on Partnering with Other International Universities, Besides Technion, For Roosevelt Island Tech Campus


-Google Says ‘Gchat’ is Not a Word
-Wow, There Sure Are a Lot of Ads Next to My Face on Facebook
-Fitocracy Now Has a Dick, a Wang, and a Cocken
-The Annotated Steve Jobs FBI File: Apple Founder Was a Manipulative Druggie
-Researchers Say Online Dating Algorithms Are About as Accurate as Picking Up Strangers in Bars
-Is The Yard, A New Coworking Space in Williamsburg, the General Assembly of Brooklyn?

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