Let’s Make Informed Guesses On Which Senators and Congressmen Want Komen Foundation Money Back Into Planned Parenthood

Despite rumors that the billion dollar breast cancer group Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation pulled its grants from Planned Parenthood because Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns put the reproductive health organization under “congressional investigation,” members of the U.S. senate and congress are calling B.S. Several names from the house and the senate are opening calling for Komen founder Nancy Brinker to give the money back.

According to The Washington Post, 22 senators are calling for a reversal of the highly-controversial decision, passed down on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia is also calling for Komen’s group to  give the money back. As to be expected, there is not one Republican in the bunch.

As this issue is so clearly about party lines and political affiliations (as we mentioned earlier this morning), a fun game to play is to figure out which members of congress and the senate actually voted to have Planned Parenthood shut off from any federal funding in 2011. (A bill which the Senate vetoed last year.) Have there been any flip-floppers now that we’re getting close to a presidential election? Keep an eye out for Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the few Republican senators that actually supported Planned Parenthood last year. (And she opposed Obama’s health care bill!) There’s also Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk, but he’s recovering from surgery right now after having a stroke in late January.

In Congress, Democrat Sanford Bishop actually voted against his own party lines to cut off federal funding for PP.

Of course, not granting federal money to an organization versus putting pressure on private foundations to rescind their money to groups should technically be two different issues.But seeing as how Planned Parenthood represents to the left the freedom of women to have affordable healthcare; and to the right, the ability for women to have all the abortions, it’s doubtful that any politician would feel differently about the Komen Foundation than they do about their own government giving money to the non-profit.