LinkedIn’s Empire State Building Offices As Seen Through the Lens of Business Insider

linkedin LinkedIns Empire State Building Offices As Seen Through the Lens of Business InsiderAh, the strange joys of a Business Insider office slideshow. The genre has become something of a guilty indulgence around the Betabeat Skype room. Sort of like the Pringles of slideshows. Once you pop, you can’t stop. After consuming the pageview equivalent of a bunch of regurgitated potatoes mashed together into a chip-shaped object, you feel a little queasy. But in the moment, it’s near impossible to resist.

An entire slide devoted to the buzzer outside the CrowdTwist office? YES OBVIOUSLY I MUST MAKE CLICKS AT THAT. Art-y close-up of a lonesome slab of reclaimed wood at Refinery 29? OH PHEW STILL 35 MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM. Due to our inability to compete, Betabeat has gotten out of the office game altogether.

Business Insider’s latest offering, a near-anemic 22-slide look at LinkedIn’s offices on the 25th floor of the Empire State Building is no less compelling. But as any “Office Tour” aficionado will tell you, the real pleasure is in the slideshow captions, which achieve an almost poetic quality in their extreme plain-spokeness. Take, for example: “The windows are dirty because it’s difficult to clean them when you’re 25 floors in the air” or our personal favorite, “This coffee machine is gigantic.” Try not to give into it, we dare you.