Linnovative ‘Jeremy Lin Word Generator’ Lincites Linternet Linsanity!

The Linternet.

With his electric basketball playing, Jeremy Lin has moved the needle on the term “Linsanity.” It’s gone from an epithet for actress Lindsay Lohan to a term for the interest he engenders in the Knicks. A new site, the Jeremy Lin Word Generator, has generated new terms for Jeremania (see what we did there?). These terms include:

  • Lintriguing
  • Linsurgency
  • Linspiration
  • Lindomitable
  • Linsurgent

And surely many more, if the breadth of words beginning with the prefix “in-” can serve as guide. If Mr. Lin’s fame continues, he’ll become a part of our sub-lin-inal thoughts! (Sorry, that joke was too linsidery.)