(UPDATED) LINsulting: ESPN is Very Sorry For ‘Chink in the Armor’ Headline Referencing Jeremy Lin [Video]

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jeremy lin sad tired upset (UPDATED) LINsulting: ESPN is Very Sorry For Chink in the Armor Headline Referencing Jeremy Lin [Video]

Jeremy Lin

Following breakout superstar Jeremy Lin’s less-than-stellar night on the court during the Knicks’ Friday night loss to the Hornets someone at ESPN made a racially-charged gaffe in a headline: “Chink In The Armor.” The title was published on ESPN’s mobile site and online for less than 40 minutes, but that was 40 minutes too long; reaction was so intense ESPN issued an apology this morning:

Last night, ESPN.com’s mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am ET. The headline was removed at 3:05 am ET. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake.

Unfortunately, ESPN may have more apologies to make–Guyism tracked down video of ESPN anchor Max Bretos using the phrase Wednesday night.

UPDATE: ESPN has amended its apology to include the use of the offending phrase in the video above, adding, “Wednesday night on ESPNEWS, an anchor used an inappropriate word in asking a question about Jeremy Lin. ESPN apologizes for the incident, and is taking steps to avoid this in the future.”



  1. EricY says:

    I want to see some assh0le(s) lose the job upon this stupid comment. This is clearly racism.

  2. 3doctors says:

    chink in the armor? nigger than ever? honkey like a crazed goose? ESPN writers are pretty poor, but this is the last I’ll read their garbage. Boycott ESPN.

  3. Steve S says:

    No apology will make this right.  Racism won’t stop until people lose their jobs over racist comments.  Fire the headline writer.

  4. Wam2222wam says:

    Anyone who thinks this is a racist comment is an idiot and YOU are what is wrong with this country.  Bunch of bleeding heart babies.   Ask Jeremy Lin if he took offense to the way the headline was presented.  If it doesn’t bother him?  Then no worries.  Right?   The three of you that said this is racist are all probably still living in your mom’s basement and working at Starbucks wiping down tables.  Oh?  I called you a baby?  Better get the infant defamation league on the line so they can protest!  

  5. JoeJoe says:

    Wam2222wam, wake up buddy; but fortunately, your ignorance is  non issue as it’s your poor taste of a personal opinion that your entitle of your sorry little life.
    “Chink in the armor” is a racial slur no matter how one would spin it.  Especially not fine with a international identity such as ESPN to display such ignorance; in which they, reluctantly notice after 35min of insult to Jeremy Lin and the Asian-communities.

    1. Nasrim says:

      Please look up the definition of “chink” before you spout racism.  The phrase “chink in the armor” is a legitimate phrase that simply means “a weakness.” There is absolutely nothing racist about it.  It was used in perfect context on the clip, and does not in any way refer to race.

  6. Mike says:

    “Chink in the armor” as a phrase has been used over 3,000 times at ESPN. I’ve heard sportscasters say it before. Racist, no? Maybe just unimaginative and trite but I don’t it was meant as racism in either case. Love how overly sensitive we’ve become.

  7. Set12345 says:

    It is real garbage. Boycott ESPN and Walt Disney Co. (DIS) network. Stop support thrir programs.

  8. Spichater says:

    Those two spics responsible for the gaffe should be beheaded and their heads send to beanerland.

  9. an asian guy says:

    why do they show a pic of Lin doing the Asian Squat

  10. endarro1 says:

    Any one who thinks this is a racist comment is a freaking illiterate moron. It refers to a weak point in deffense in armor due to a chip or flaw.