LOOK AT ME: Tumblr Now Highlights Posts for $1

Trying to make money off us, eh?

tumblr highlights LOOK AT ME: Tumblr Now Highlights Posts for $1

The new Highlight feature.

Here’s the latest revenue experiment from the Tumblr lab: Highlighted Posts. Don’t want your cleverest inner thoughts and poutiest GPOYs to get lost in the fast-proliferating tumble? Pay up. “Every now and then, a post comes along that’s meant for big things. It could be pulling the wraps off your new project, promoting your next show, raising awareness for a cause, or just sharing a truly incredible photo,” Tumblr founder David Karp wrote to users today. “Today you’ll have a new option to Highlight those extra-important posts. For one dollar, your post will stand out in the Dashboard with a customizable sticker to make sure your followers take notice!”

Tumblr lets you enter your credit card information or pay with PayPal. Highlighted posts are marked with icons (cheeseburger, unicorn, caution sign) and labels (PSA, OMG Look, Big News! or Super proud of this!) in the dashboard, the screen where Tumblr users view their streams.

Tumblr offered users with popular blogs three freebies. “You do some of the most inspiring stuff with the new features we release, so we wanted to make sure you get to try out our latest creation,” the email said. “Launching this afternoon, the Highlighted Post is a simple way to emphasize the posts you care about the most on your followers’ Dashboards.”

Mr. Karp has eschewed ads on Tumblr, preferring to charge the users for premium features such as tricked out templates. Tumblr also tried briefly charging a $5 microfee for a slot in the Tumblr directory.

We’re just afraid the low price and preponderance of brands on Tumblr will make our dashboard look like our high school European History text, which ended up looking like a Tetris game in which all the pieces are yellow. THIS IS IMPORTANT and THIS IS IMPORTANT and THIS IS IMPORTANT.