McHose says Legislature should work on bills people care most about: jobs, taxes

TRENTON – Republican Alison McHose said this same-sex marriage bill is not about discrimination but about whether an issue such as this should be placed before the voters. 

She said she has introduced a measure that put that basic question before the voters of whether marriage should be one man/one woman.

She reminded the Assembly that there have been only 12 complaints about the state’s civil union law.  

“What are our priorities as legislators?’’ she asked by reminding the chamber of the thousands of people out of work.

Historically, designations of S1 and A1 are reserved for major pieces of legislation, she said in talking about this Legislature’s priorities.

On several occasions, the Speaker admonished her for going off-topic, but she maintained that her remarks were on the bill.  “We should be debating what New Jerseyans want,’’ she said: tax cuts, jobs creation.