The FBI’s Case Against Megaupload? Brought to You By the MPAA

Hooray for Hollywood!

kim dotcom gun The FBIs Case Against Megaupload? Brought to You By the MPAA

Hello, my name is Kim Dotcom. You killed my website. Prepare to die.

Now that Kim Dotcom is in custody, details about the FBI’s two year investigation into Megaupload are surfacing. According to CNET, the grunt work can be traced back to the Motion Picture Association of America.

Record labels and software and videogame companies all accused Megaupload of copyright violations, but it was Hollywood that presented the FBI with  “significant evidence.”

Although reports have said pressure came from managers of the four major record labels, it was the MPAA that “first referred MegaUpload and DotCom to law enforcement.” In their minds, it was the TV shows and movies that contributed to MegaUpload’s estimated $500 million in lost revenues.

It’s as though the record industry was blazay blah about the alleged piracy, however, they were just too busy trying to get LimeWire shut down:

“The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the trade group for the four largest record labels, also spoke to the FBI about MegaUpload but provided little information outside of listing the pirated songs available on the site. At the time, the RIAA was much more focused on its court fight with file-sharing service LimeWire, which it eventually won. LimeWire was forced to shut down operations in 2010.”

The Justice Department wouldn’t elaborate about the lead up to the bust, but Neil MacBride, the U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, who filed the indictment, did tell CNET:

“In general, it is clear that the U.S. government receives referrals from all sorts of sources in criminal cases, including victims of crime. We will investigate any referral containing significant and concrete evidence of criminal conduct. Intellectual property enforcement is no different.”

So does that mean we can report Congress to the DOJ for crimes against the Internet?


  1. Jon says:

    It is funny because this goes to show that all that matters to the bigwigs in Hollywood care about is money. They worship it and want as much of it as they can get their grubby little fat hands on. Should you interrupt that flow or take it they will send their attack dogs after you to make sure you pay!. The whole piracy topic is an ethical issue whatever one decides doesn’t matter because all that does matter is that sometimes those with wealth abuse the power they have. This needs to stop when things are in their favor it is overlooked the people are powerless.  The MPAA shouldn’t bite the hands that feed it. This whole thing is just silly. I just wish that the MPAA & RIAA
    would be sensible and charge reasonable rates for the products they
    release. But that will never happen because they set the rate for the
    market as high as possible. Entertainment is a luxury and don’t you
    forget that.

    Yes this is me ranting but this whole MPAA, RIAA, war against the people made me realize other things.

    It is disgusting how bad the state of the world is. Everything is NOT OKAY. People are starving dying, homeless, sick and fighting and for what? It really takes a lot for one to ignore the world but it is effortless to most because that’s exactly what most people do ignore it. I wish I had all the right answers to end the greed, hunger, fighting, killing, and other ailments that need fixing on this planet.

    Yet here we are fighting over such trivial issues. There are more important things to worry about like ending world hunger, and putting an end to social inequality. But then again when were things ever fair in this imperfect world. One person can only do so much but as a whole imagine what we could accomplish.