Morning Links: Is Tumblr’s Thinspo Worse than xoJane’s Bath Salt Snorting?

Today in bad behavior and The Media:

Tumblr censors pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia content [Gawker]. Jane Pratt retroactively edited racist apologist content, but is all cool with snorting bath salts. (We thought you were supposed to smoke them?) [xoJanexoJane]

The New York Times religion reporter accidentally got the best seat in the basilica at Cardinal Dolan’s elevation. [Capital NY]

Wired UK is launching a consulting firm. Smart. [WWD]

J.K. Rowling is going to write fiction for adults. Brave. [WSJ]

YouTube videos can’t replace war reporters. [NY Times]

But hopefully they can help get them home safe. Injured journalists Edith Bouvier, from France, and Paul Conroy, from the UK, posted YouTube videos ask for their governments’ help getting them out of Homs, in Syria. [Yahoo]

Jim Romenesko: “When I started planning the site last summer, my plan was to make it more of a general-interest site. Then in November, when I left Poynter, I pretty much abandoned that plan to compete against my former employer.” [AdAge]

Washington Post Co. revenue down ten percent in the fourth quarter. [Washington Post]