Morning Links: Sex Edition

A Twombly.

Kimberly Chou takes a look at the four New York artists in the New Museum’s internationally sourced triennial, “The Ungovernables.” [WSJ]

New Huntington Library director Kevin Salatino enjoys giving talks with “sex” in the title. [LA Times]

Emily Nathan drops in on video artist Tony Oursler’s recent talk at Electronic Arts Intermix. “I started as a painter, but I really struggled with how to paint,” he said. “I picked up a camera, but I was too hyper to wait for film to develop.” [Artnet]

The annual Harlem Fine Arts Show is on right now, with work by 100 artists. [ABC7]

“Cy Twombly’s Assets Targeted by Italian Authorities in Multimillion-Dollar Tax Evasion Case,” says ArtInfo. “Who knew Cy Twombly was worth $1.2bn?” says Marion Maneker. [Art Market Monitor]

Souren Melikian on what he calls the trophy hunt in London. [NYT]

Thomas Demand will install a series of photographs in Sydney hotel rooms. [The Art Newspaper]

Abraham Lincoln: The Museum. [NYT]

Morning Links: Sex Edition