Morning Read: A Giant Sunday; GOP Threatens Chaos; Churches Prepare To Move

Giants!! Giants!! Giants!!

A victory parade in Lower Manhattan is set for Tuesday.

Video from last night’s celebration in Times Square.

Senate Republicans are threatening to throw state government into chaos and block key parts of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s agenda if he follows through on threats to veto district lines.

A Republican consultant doesn’t think Cuomo will make a stand on redistricting: “It’ll be two days of outrage and then it’s on to the budget.”

A half-dozen big pocketed donors lent Cuomo their own private air craft so that he could attend fundraisers around the state.

The city is coming under criticism for scare-tactics used in their public health campaigns which warn the public against the dangers of smoking, alcohol and junk food.

Diane Savino said that the Cuomo administration has kept a tight lid on the details of the budget; her Staten Island colleagues disagreed.

A jail in Boerum Hill is reopening after being closed for ten years for renovation; officials are trying to assuage neighborhood residents fears.

Fearful that too many students will fail, state officials have opted to dumb down the state regents exam.

Churches that have been worshipping in public schools for decades are preparing to vacate.

Linda Lacewell, a special assistant to Cuomo who worked with him in the Attorney General’s office seems to be the early front-runner to replace Ellen Biben as Inspector General.

Biben’s entire staff at the Inspector General’s Office quietly gained the ability to look at tax returns of state employees and, potentially, any other filers whose confidential data is considered “relevant” to an investigation, even though it is a power that neither district attorneys not the attorney general has. Some fear it could lead to “fishing expeditions.”

Eric Schneiderman is making prescription drug abuse one of his top priorities this year.

In Midtown Manhattan, geologic time is still visible.

Steve Levy’s once massive campaign warchest is no more.

After his big victory in Nevada on Saturday, Mitt Romney now faces a string of caucuses that he is expected to win.

In Nevada, voters who said they were looking for a “true conservative” went with Ron Paul.

Romney trails Obama in early general election polling.

Morning Read: A Giant Sunday; GOP Threatens Chaos; Churches Prepare To Move