Morning Read: Lancman Declares; Cuomo Co-opts Goo-Goo’s; Parade Day

The Giants will parade up Broadway today.

Assemblyman Rory Lancman is preparing to announce a Congressional run against Republican Bob Turner today, and he has already raised $130,000 for the effort. The announcement is being read as a sign that lawmakers intend to keep the Turner seat after redistricting.

Sandra Lee skipped out on Andrew Cuomo’s Super Bowl party in order to attend the actual Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

The street vendor who helped thwart the Times Square terrorist attack is preparing to run for Congress against Nan Hayworth.

Lawmakers and union officials slammed a new policy by the Cuomo administration allowing the state’s inspector general greater access to the tax records of state employees.

Bill Hammond says that Andrew Cuomo’s solicitation of corporate airplane travel puts the lie to his talk about reform.

But Cuomo has been able to quiet down most of his good-government critics by bringing them into the fold.

Mike Bloomberg donated over $300 million last year, making him one of the most generous philanthropists in the country.

The urgency around hydrofracking--on both sides of the issue–seems to have subsided.

The State Senate passed a bill that would permit religious instituions to hold services in public schools after the regular school day.

Veterans groups are pressuring Mayor Mike Bloomberg to hold a parade honoring soldiers who served in Iraq.

A raucous protest was held in the Bronx to call attention to the shooting by police of 18-year-old unarmed Ramarley Graham.

Rosie Mendez wants an “East Bowery Preservation Plan.”

The DN editorializes against the House GOP mass transit bill.

President Obama is signaling to wealthy donors that he wants them to start contributing to his Super PAC.

Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri will vote today, the first multi-state primary of the 2012 season.