Morning Read: Redistricting Down to The Wire; No Apologies From Ray Kelly; UFT Spoiling For A Fight

Federal money from a little known grant to combat drug crimes was used to spy on Muslim neighborhoods in and around NYC.

Ray Kelly says he won’t apologize for keeping the city safe, and Mike Lupica says he shouldn’t have to.

Irish-American Lawmakers decided against making newly-installed Cardinal Timothy Dolan their guest of honor at an upcoming Albany dinner due to the church’s views on social issues like gay marriage.

Andrew Cuomo skipped the National Governor’s Association annual meeting in order to honor Dolan Saturday night.

The release of the teacher data reports could be a galvanizing moment for the city’s teacher’s unions.

A look at some of the teachers who received the highest ratings.

George Pataki backs Andrew Cuomo’s pension reform plan.

The Green Book is going digital.

The Department of Environmental Protection is installing a $3.5 million compression along Shellbank Basin designed to add oxygen to the waterway to prevent the scores of fish that swim up the narrow basin from dying.

A brief look at where things stand now on redistricting.

The Bronx and Manhattan are sparring over what a new Congressional district will look like.

Shelly Silver announced there will be no Congressional lines this week.

But Dean Skelos said he expected a vote on the lines by Thursday.

Gerald Benjamin says that this year’s redistricting fight is a little like watching Hamlet: You’ve seen Shakespeare’s tragedy before, more than once. It looks different this time, but the plot’s the same. You know for sure that it’s not going to come out well.

Rob Astorino op-eds in favor of pension reform.

Barack Obama holds a double-digit lead over both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney in new polls.

Mitt Romney’s electoral problems are growing.