Nick Cannon Steps Away From Morning Radio Show

138509477 Nick Cannon Steps Away From Morning Radio Show

Nick Cannon (Getty Images)

In The Observer‘s 2011 profile of Nick Cannon, his fellow America’s Got Talent personality Sharon Osbourne told us: “He doesn’t sleep… You see him taking 20-minute naps between takes.” She added that Mr. Cannon has also been eager to restart his music career. “We talk about it a lot. Nick wants to do everything.”

Mr. Cannon, though, will have a slightly less busy schedule, as he’s departing the New York morning show that he has hosted on 92.3, citing health concerns. He was hospitalized for a second time in 2012 this week, due to what he claims was a blood clot in his lungs. About his own ambitions, Mr. Mariah Carey told us, “I call it an entrepretainer. It’s a businessman and an entertainer at the same time. That’s kind of what you have to be.” The entrepretainment shall be on hold for a bit as Mr. Cannon recovers.