Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Sparks Rioting at Florida Mall

They do look like good shoes

 Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Sparks Rioting at Florida Mall

Foamposite Galaxy (via

At last report most consumers have been waiting peacefully for Nike’s new limited-release Foamposite Galaxy basketball shoe, camping out on sidewalks in tents and sleeping bags. MyFoxPhilly reports someone wanted the $220 glow-in-the-dark shoes badly enough to offer to trade their 16-year-old Chevy Cavalier on Craigslist, which is kind of crazy, but not frightening.

However, according to multiple accounts on social media, the scrum for the Galaxy at Florida Mall in Orlando has been anything but peaceful:


flawdazfinest86 Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Sparks Rioting at Florida Mall

Crowds rushing Florida Mall in Orlando (Twitpic/Flawdazfinest86)

The Orlando Sentinel also reported confirmation of the ongoing disturbance from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office but further details were not available.

Linsanity may converge with Foamposite Galaxy insanity. reports Knicks breakout superstar Jeremy Lin could be sporting a pair while playing in the NBA All-Star Rookie Challenge this weekend. Perhaps the All-Star weekend is a small factor influencing the craziness at the Florida Mall–the event also takes place in Orlando and is hosted by the Orlando Magic.


  1. remy says:

    Not Linsanity at all…

  2. No says:

    nike needs to start being accountable for this frenzy they create knowingly and purposely

  3. Biggz7_ny says:

    i was just there and shit hit the fan i just wanna know if they are still going to give them out

    1. Mikey-305 says:

      Is the galaxy coming out tomorrow or it’s still canceled. I need an update

      1. Sam says:

        they’re coming out, but good luck getting a pair lol. they’re probably all gone by now

  4. fabz says:

    This is only going to stop when Nike start mass producing the shoes people want. ITs utterly stupid to make them “limited edition”. They go on sale on Ebay for 4-5 times the price by people who have access to them.
    I’m very comfortable with buying China knock offs now for a quarter of the price, they get one sample and create something thats pretty much identical. I get a pair of good looking sneakers and Nike can kiss my ass.

    1. triforce179 says:

      this will stop when people stop valuing sneakers over human life and safety. simply mass producing it wont prevent people from rioting. it’s like saying mass producing ferrari’s would stop people from stealing them. the biggest culprit here is the hype created around the shoe. all these new sneakerheads need to learn that the shoe game isnt about feeding into all that hype, but rather expressing yourself through originality by way of those shoes. the sneaker game CAN be a civil practice, we just gotta start acting like it.

  5. Craig Foster says:

    Typical Neg roe Behaviour- Clowns buying clown shoes lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am so impressed!…..ALL these young African-Americans (PC)…..obviously gainfully employed to afford these shoes…..and able to take time off work to civilly stand in line . I hope others learn from this and can apply the energy displayed here with the same vigor in seeking an education, contraceptives and employment!

  7. Eugene Murphy says:

    Scientific study and statistics have proven that there is a direct correlation between Low IQ and Racist people who make generalized blanketed statements about whole groups of people. It all goes back to what your mother should have taught you as a child; “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Black people are not the only one’s at that Mall acting a fool and for those who seem to think so; you really need to get out more.

    1. gobaracktoafrica says:

      Actually, one study claims a variable of 4 IQ  points AT MOST attributable to this “racism”, while ON AVERAGE a black is 15 points below the mean. 

  8. Yey says:

    and usn my tax dollars to buy these pimp shoes to boot

  9. Pop says:

    to the parent that lets their kid where these, you will be jailed for child endangerment

  10. Nd_wilkerson says:

    I hope that Mr. Craig Foster (2nd person under me who posted a comment) isn’t caucasian… Nike has no control over other people’s ignorance. Even if they DID make enough shoes for their patrons, it does not eliminate that fact that there are people who can’t afford the shoe and will do ANYTHING to get them. Even, it means robbing, steeling or killing. #SadTruth

  11. Michael says:

    They do it on purpose so that you can make Phil Knight richer idiots

  12. Spdbmp73 says:

    one word UGLY

  13. Mechanicalsanctuary says:

    what a bunch of morons and no way in hell would i pay $220 for a pair of shoes that cost nike probably $10 to make from laboring kids no way in hell they getting any money from me and just utter ignorance these people need to dump alot of chlorine in their gene pool before they breed any more