NSA Warns that Anonymous May Soon Be Capable of a Causing a Power Blackout

Embarrassing Mastercard? Child's play.

At a Senate intelligence hearing earlier this month, the FBI declared that cyber attacks would soon surpass big bad, old-fashioned terrorism as the biggest threat to America. No big shocker there, intelligence officials have been saying as much since last year. But in private meetings at the White House, the NSA started to paint  a picture of how that might become a reality.

The director of the National Security Agency warned that within a year or two, the hacktivist collective Anonymous may be capable of using cyber attacks to cause a temporary power outage by disrupting power supplies, reports the Wall Street Journal. Read More


  1. Reece Jones says:

    Does the government not realise that anonymous are fighting for the people of the country and don’t do things that disrupt and damage the lives of normal people. They simply want to push a message across to the governments of the world.