On the Same Day Kickstarter Gets Its First $1 M. Project, Another Project Raises Over $800K in Less Than 24 Hours

And it's not an Apple accessory!

Crowdfunding is in the air! Earlier today, the Elevation Dock for iPhone became the first Kickstarter campaign to get $1 million pledged. Now, an independent adventure video game from notorious game designers Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, and an associated documentary—seeing how the video game sausage gets made is part of the pitch—has $882,823 committed on a $400,000 goal. That campaign, “Double Fine Adventure,” just launched two days ago last night around 5 p.m. “Why do i feel like i am part of a huge prank done by Tim Schafer to Tim Schafer?” one commenter wrote. First to $2 million?

That first question in the Q&A seems pretty relevant now.

Q: What happens if you go over the goal?
A: The extra money will be put back into the game and documentary. This could result in anything from increased VO and music budgets to additional release platforms for the game.