Overheard in the Front Row of Jill Stuart

"Which is the one from Twilight?" we asked our row, squinting.
"The one on the left," answered a 12-year-old girl holding a Barbie gift bag. She was sitting next to her mother, who was also scanning the crowd.
"Are you sure, honey?"
The young girl nodded her head, confident. "Definitely her."
We thought the woman sitting next to Olivia Palermo was Whitney Port until someone pointed out that it was actually Jill Stuart's daughter. Come on, that's an honest mistake.
There were a flurry of tweets over the two Super Bowl winners sitting at Jill Stuart. (Victor Cruz was also in attendance, allegedly.)
But what was the wide receiver doing with the former Real Housewife? After the woman in the middle had her friend snap a pic of her sitting between the famous duo, they spent the entire show laughing and talking...a Page Six item waiting to happen?
"I had no idea who she was," admitted Mr. Barden after the show in the Mercedez-Benz lounge about Ms. Bensimon. "She was very funny though."
So how was Fashion Week treating him after the big win over the Patriots last week?
"This is more stressful," the Giants player told us. "At least during football, I know where I'm supposed to run, where I'm supposed to be. Here..."
He trailed off.
"I just don't understand fashion. I know how to match shirts and pants, but that's about it," Mr. Barden concluded.
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Jill Stuart attracts vampires and reality stars (Getty Images)

Morning shows are always a hard time to fame-spot, because everyone is tired, groggy, and still hungover from the night before. Even though 11 a.m. doesn’t usually count as “early morning,” exceptions are made for weekends, right? That’s basically a 7 a.m. in weekday time. Still we dragged our asses out of bed for Jill Stuart’s fall line, because we love her style.

Unfortunately, as we soon found out, no one knew who anyone was at this show.


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