Peter Smith’s Attempted ‘Glitter Bomb’ Of Mitt Romney Could Net 6 Months in Jail (Video)

Glitter makes for terrible missiles

137696203 Peter Smiths Attempted Glitter Bomb Of Mitt Romney Could Net 6 Months in Jail (Video)

Mitt Romney (Getty)

Peter Smith, a 20-year-old student at the University of Colorado, could face 6 months in prison for attempting to throw a glitter “missile” at presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr. Smith, who told Reuters he was protesting Romney’s “general political philosophy” as much as the candidate’s position on gay marriage, has been charged with several misdemeanors. They include creating a disturbance, committing an “unlawful act” on school property and in legal terms, throwing a missile.

Mr. Smith was in the crowd following the former Massachusetts governor’s speech last Tuesday and allegedly threw the glitter as Mr. Romney worked the crowd. Mr. Romney’s new Secret Service detail quickly hustled the candidate away and Mr. Smith was removed from the auditorium.

Peter Smith was an unpaid intern for the Democratic Colorado State Senate as part of a University program at the time of the incident. Senate leaders were alerted to his arrest and he was let go from the program. In spite of facing a $1000 fine in addition to jail time if he is convicted, Mr. Smith has said he has no regrets, even though video makes it clear that he completely missed Mr. Romney anyway.


Secret Service Apprehend Man At Romney Event – YouTube.


  1. Thisemailisfake says:


    I mean really, what the hell?

  2. Bj225 says:

    throwing ANYTHING should have given him long than 6 months.  Funny, a guy rapes a girl and gets 3 years, a drug dealer can get 10 years but a person who makes any attempt to hurt, harm, intimidate any political figure gets POSSIBLY 6 months.  This is the behavior of our next UniBomber in training.  Next time he’ll put something different in it and 6 months equals ((in reality) 3 to 4 months so yeah…..let’s really punish this guy with hard time. 
    A girl sleeping with my husband, SHE KNEW HE WAS MARRIED, I confront her, there’s an altercation, she spits on me, I beat her up, I get 5 years probation, she gets nothing…well, she’s got the husband now but he’s an unemployed, no income,  no car, drinking bum who is now cheating on her.  Our government is amazing. 


       Glitter BOMBING = SLIPery SLOPE

    2. blowback says:

      Hilarious, so you’re upset that beating up your girlfriend or raping someone nets you more jail time than attempting to throw  glitter on someone as a political statement? What a joke. Calm down and get off your high horse.

    3. Brassmonkey says:

      Wow bj, glitter is sooo harmful and destructive that I am surprised that Romney even survived the “attack”. I mean he could of REALLY got hurt. We should absolutely protect all the candidates from SPARKLING! Your attitude is what is wrong with America. 

  3. exfedagent says:

    Isn’t it interesting that ALL the people who do this s— are democrats and liberals????

    1. BobInSD says:

      And isn’t it interesting that ALL the people who murder doctors and blow up family health clinice are repbulians and conservatives?????

  4. Obamammy says:

    Anything that will accelerate this little limp-wrister’s (G)AIDS so he can die quicker.  Throw him in jail with another man that will sodomize him.

    1. the.other.cheek says:

      Seems a bit harsh…