Peter Vallone Defends Gisele’s Honor

Gisele Bündchen, supermodel. (Photo: Getty)

A Giants fan hurled insults at Gisele Bündchen, wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, as she left the Super Bowl last weekend, but the supermodel has at least one defender in New York City: Councilman Peter Vallone.

Ms. Bündchen’s responded to the fans shout of “Eli owns your husband!” by criticizing Mr. Brady’s teammates. Her remarks have become earned her many enemies in Boston, but Mr. Vallone argued the Giants fan who mocked Ms. Bündchen acted even more inappropriately than the supermodel herself.

“yeah giselle said some classless things,” Mr. Vallone wrote on his Facebook wall. “you know what’s even more classless? grown men shouting at and harassing a woman.”

Mr.  Vallone, whose inimitable Facebook posts are often quoted by The Politicker, wasn’t all negative, however. He praised most Giants fans for their behavior at yesterday’s victory parade.

“to the overwhelming majority of classy giant fans out there, great job at the rally!” he additionally wrote. “now THAT was how you throw a party.”

Watch a video of Ms. Bündchen infamous exchange with the Giants fan below.

Peter Vallone Defends Gisele’s Honor