Peter Vallone Jr. Is Unapologetically Politically LINCorrect

 Peter Vallone Jr. Is Unapologetically Politically LINCorrect

Peter Vallone Jr. (Photo: New York City Council)

Thanks to the ongoing contract dispute between Time Warner Cable and the ownership of the New York Knicks, Councilman and social media enthusiast Peter Vallone Jr. wasn’t able to watch Jeremy Lin play at his house last night. Despite missing the basketball game, Mr. Vallone didn’t lose his sense of humor and he posted a somewhat politically incorrect joke on his Facebook wall this morning.

“so since i cant see jeremy lin on cable because MSG wants a 53% increase, i did the next best thing and took my daughters to applebees last night and had the ‘sizzling asian’ special,” he wrote.

After some of his Facebook friends took umbrage at his remarks, Mr. Vallone refused to back down. He penned a defiant response on the site about an hour ago.

“to the few of you who thought my applebees post was insensitive, i’m sorry…that you have no sense of humor. please de-friend me (i need the space) so you are not traumatized by any future posts. you apparently have me confused with other politically correct electeds,”  Mr. Vallone wrote.

Mr. Vallone’s crack about the Applebee’s “sizzling Asian” special drew 43 comments, two of them negative.

“That’s a culturally insensitive, ignorant comment. Not funny at all, especially from an elected official that’s supposed to represent a community with dignity, respect and professionalism,” wrote a Facebook friend who calls themselves “Astoria Haiku.”

Civil rights lawyer and political pundit Ron Kuby also weighed in with a more balanced take on Mr. Vallone’s posting.

“Actually it is quite insensitive, but quite funny,” he wrote. “Don’t ever change and don’t ever get more power then you have now.”

In addition to his request that easily offended Facebook users to unfriend him, Mr. Vallone’s response to his detractors included a joke about his Italian ancestry and cheers for Mr. Lin.

“i’m going back to applebees now to have the “italian special” to make me feel better. and damn i hope jeremy continues his va-LIN-tine week gift to NYC!!”

Here at The Politicker, we love Mr. Vallone’s candid Facebook posts, but he may want to be a bit more careful about angering the Asian community. Mr. Vallone is currently considering a run for borough president in Queens where over 20 percent of the population is Asian.


  1. Guest says:

    Fact: Jeremy Lin is an Asian-American.

    Fact: Jeremy Lin is on FIRE right now, or sizzling if you will.

    Fact: Applebees has a sizzling Asian dish.

    Vallone was just being witty.  Beats me how this is considered insensitive.  Lin is proud of his heritage and NOTHING in his post puts down the Asian community.  Lin is being given his props and rightfully so!

  2. Guest says:

    Are you serious?  Peter Vallone is absolutely giving props to Lin and the Asian community!  In fact, all Asian Americans should support Vallone for his cultural awareness.  Too many politicians wish a pluralistic state where we have to be afraid of our ethnic roots whether they be Chinese, Italian, Irish, Arab etc.  Why shouldn’t we all be able to celebrate our diversity?  Every time we make reference to an ethnic group, even in a neutral to positive way, we must be scared of potential blowback from our neighbors and the media?

    Guess what?  We can!  It’s called the first amendment.  And as far as Vallone is concerned so long as he didn’t make a negative comment, which he clearly did NOT, then any further political attack on the subject is on the border of defamation for its falsity.