Pot House: Cops Bust Five-Story Bronx Weed Farm

Hot house! (Google Maps)

Thought bankers and celebrities were the only people in New York who could afford a five story home? Think again! A five-story marijuana farm was raided in the Bronx yesterday, and the sophisticated operation was occupying a prime piece of real estate, the New York Times reports. The building, at 610 Morris Park Avenue was located on a quiet residential block.

According to StreetEasy, the 10,625-square-foot warehouse is “fireproof,” which makes sense considering the abundant grow-lights and product testing that must have gone down on the premises. And, with abundant real estate to cultivate their inventory, this was no small time operation, according to The Times:

Talk about house plants. (NYPD/NYT)

The authorities found 75 pounds of marijuana that had been cut, dried and packaged in plastic. The total amount of marijuana recovered from the site was estimated at 1,550 pounds. The police figured that 50 to 60 pounds, with a value of approximately $250,000, were being produced each month.

It’s gonna be a long week for a lot of people in Greenwich Village.


Pot House: Cops Bust Five-Story Bronx Weed Farm