Protesters Attempt To Occupy Sarah Palin Speech At CPAC [UPDATE]

sarah palin cpac 2012 Protesters Attempt To Occupy Sarah Palin Speech At CPAC [UPDATE]

Sarah Palin (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — A group of protesters to attempted to “mic check” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference at the Washington Wardman Park Mariott today. Audience members drowned out the occupiers with boos, chants of “U.S.A.” and “Sarah!” before they were escorted from the hotel ballroom.

Ms. Palin briefly interrupted her speech, which was mostly an indictment of the Obama administration to join the CPAC audience in their “USA!” chants.

“See? You just won. You see how easy that is?” Ms. Palin asked as the protesters were removed from the room.

Witnesses in the hotel lobby told The Politicker the protesters were escorted out by police surrounded by a crowd of reporters. They did not believe any arrests were made. As of this writing, Ms. Palin’s speech is still in progress.

Update (5:29 pm): A police officer at the D.C. Metropolitan Police’s 2nd District station, which includes the Washington Wardman Park Mariott, said he was not aware of any arrests.

Kristy Campbell, a spokeswoman for the American Conservative Union, which organized CPAC, told us there was a plan in place to deal with potential protesters.

“We have a policy in place that people who are disrupted should be removed,” Ms. Campbell said. “It’s happened before.

Update (5:47 pm): Protesters affiliated with American University’s chapter of the Occupy movement claimed responsibility for “mic checking” Ms. Palin’s speech on Twitter. They apparently carried a banner with a defaced picture of Ms. Palin.


  1. Kpfranklin says:

    Has Sarah Palin not yet figured out just how irrelevant she is?

    1. Jim says:

      So you think she is irrelevant. And yet, you still clicked on the story about her, and felt compelled to write something snarky about her.  She gave a hell of a speech. 

      1. Jimsmom says:

        Actually, I feel compelled to write something snarky about her. Go buy a girlfriend for the night. You’ll feel better. “Jim.”

      2. Jim says:

        Mom, Instead of doing that, I will pray for you tonight.  Might be a good idea for you to read Luke 6:27

  2. No job says:

    That was by far the best speech I’ve ever heard Sarah Make. A true American patriot. If you didn’t hear it live , please listen. It was quiet a delivery……..

  3. No job says:

    This speech from Sarah, completely rekindled by faith in her and this nation. Totally impressed…Never been a big Sarah fan, but this was a speech that WILL go down in history……

    1. Rossbluestein says:

      I can assure you that no speech of Sarah Palin’s will go down in history but this is no doubt the funniest post I will read tonight.

  4. Someone says:

    Sarah Palin’s speech was well done.  

  5. Mhposner says:

    Screw the lefty losers