Public Sculpture Outside of Alaskan High School Sparks Community Debate Because It Looks Like a Vagina

Here’s the latest news from art world hotspot of Wasilla, Alaska–otherwise known as Sarah Palin’s hometown. A public sculpture installed in front of the town’s high school on Jan. 29 has raised the ire of some local residents who claim it looks like female genitalia.

An article in the Wasila local newspaper, The Frontiersman printed this description of the piece:

“Emerging from the powerful stone form are two warrior shields encircled by glowing feathers. The bronze shield has a hand impression showing ‘good deeds.’ The aluminum shield has a flame symbol representing the ‘spark of inspiration.’ The stone form represents the strong material from which a warrior is made.”

Uh…listen, call us sick and everything but that description alone kind of makes us think of a vagina as described by Homer or Beowulf or something. The article also contains other great and unintentional double entendres that could either be talking about the spirit of warriors or a lady’s hoo-ha.

Jim Dault, one of the artist’s behind the piece said: “People need to slow down…It needs to be experienced up close, personally, because it is in three dimensions.”

The high school’s principal said: “We have to back up a little and be more purposeful about our conversation.”

She follows that comment up with: “I don’t think there was any prep work on my part to prepare the student body for it. It’s a great concept about thinking about what it really means to be a warrior.”

The work has caused a lot of snickering from the high school’s students and, as a result, has become quite naked and ashamed, as it were; it has since been covered.