Rapper Kreayshawn Gets the GQ Treatment

Kreayshawn (Getty Images)

In a year that has seen famous-on-the-Internet acts Lana Del Rey and Karmin get Saturday Night Live bookings, there’s a certain cachet to getting an artist on the record before they either blow up or flame out–and before they learn how to talk to a reporter.

Rapper Kreayshawn, of the status-anxiety-evoking “Gucci Gucci,” comes to GQ for a delightfully unrestrained interview/hang-out wherein she explains what “prairie-dogging” is, vis-a-vis the ladies’ room, and describes her Bay Area upbringing: “We used to play in this field and find hella knives and rusty guns and shit.” She is not overly praised, in the piece, for her rhymes or her performing ability. Kreayshawn has not yet released a studio album, and the profile of her status at this moment shows both that despite the fanbase she’s accumulated, she has no problem staying out all night with a reporter and mixing ludicrous “realness”–cf., the “rusty guns” quote–and unvarnished weirdness.

The piece indicates that, if she manages to sustain a career in spite of her iffy stage presence and manic, mystique-obliterating online life, Kreayshawn may actually be at the vanguard of weird-girl pop. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha and the rest have all followed Lady Gaga down a rabbit hole of costumery and post-ironic falsehood that Kreayshawn, a child of the Internet, seems to understand intuitively. “Hey! I’m Lady Gaga! Gimme a cigarette,” she tells a stranger on the street, and maybe she will be!