Roundup: The Next Set of GOP Primary States

Electeds and pastors call for legislation to allow after-hours worship services in public schools. (Photo: Facebook)

Governor Cuomo declined to comment on the federal contraception controversy.

Senator Jeff Klein introduced the Assembly’s minimum wage bill.

He hasn’t discussed it with the GOP majority yet.

Occupy protesters disrupted a budget hearing.

A politically influential Russian media mogul is profiled.

Could we see Marty Golden vs. Lew Fidler?

Golden hailed the State Senate for passing a bill to allow prayer services in schools.

Shelly Silver rejected it.

Diana Reyna’s Chief of Staff vowed to improve upon her performance in his run for her seat.

Jesus Gonzalez could be planning a run for Erik Dilan’s seat.

A (white) candidate emerges for the new Asian-majority State Senate district.

Keith Wright tells Charlie Rangel not to worry about redistricting.

Nicole Malliotakis has impressive fundraising results.

Staten Island pols push to reform the Port Authority.

Some nonprofits would like to pay their CEOs more.

An NYPD officer will plead guilty to gun running.

There’s a legislative resolution praising the New York Giants.

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney is expected to win Colorado tomorrow.

It’s a close race in Minnesota and maybe Missouri.

Romney turns his sights on Rick Santorum.

Santorum might qualify for the Indiana ballot after all.

Santorum or Gingrich dropping out much wouldn’t have a huge effect.

President Obama’s reelection prospects are brighter.

Romney’s logo isn’t that fresh.

Roundup: The Next Set of GOP Primary States