Rumors & Acquisitions: Rushed Edition

rumormonger2 Rumors & Acquisitions: Rushed EditionBETAWORKS. Has a new filing with the SEC indicating $7.8 million of a $15 million offering in options and warrants raised. Does this have to do with Betaworks’s evolution from a fund/incubator into “a true company, not a fund,” as per John Borthwick’s recent letter to investors? The filing indicates a reinvestment of money paid out to investors in dividends, John Borthwick said, so the filing doesn’t represent a new round; and the amount being reinvested is actually closer to $10 million.

STEALTH TOWN. What is Sources say a local VC is leading their round. The web offers no clues, their Twitter page doesn’t work, and we haven’t received an email from their stealthy splash page. Things that are 53: a bank and savings and loan holding company, the We Are the 53 percent meme, and the Year of the Consulship of Silanus and Antonius.

FALLTHROUGHS. Dave Lifson’s Postling was on the verge of closing an acquisition, sources told Betabeat, expected to close in the next several weeks. But just as investors started to do the exit victory dance, the buyers dropped out. The company is “talking to a couple other suitors at this point,” a source said.

ROCKSTARS.  Hacker School and General Assembly’s Career Fair both required applications, and not everyone is getting accepted. “I’m getting the idea that this is a closed economy where the same 100 Ruby coders are just getting passed around from seed company to seed company,” wrote on disgruntled coder. “I don’t see anyone hiring in the middle range… everyone wants just the ‘rockstars.’ I remember this anytime a founder starts saying in a public forum, “All you have to do to get a job is… ‘what, be rich, white, and have gone to MIT?'”

THRIVING! Thrive Capital has been quiet lately, one source noted; they had the GroupMe acquisition, and not much has been heard from them since. Perhaps it’s because the boutique investment firm just slipped into a fancy new office? Moving can be a bitch. UPDATE: A source points out what a quick Crunchbase search would have shown: Thrive has put money into,, Codecademy and Warby Parker, among others. Guess the rumor roundup was too quick to start the weekend; we also forgot to put a title on this post (fixed that).