Rutgers Camden students say leave our school alone

As the Senate Higher Education Committee prepared to hear testimony on the new report issued by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey  advisory committee, a few dozen Rutgers University at Camden students voiced their disapproval of the committee’s proposal to merge their school and Rowan University.

Chanting “Rutgers, united, we’ll never be divided,” the students walked in a circle outside the Statehouse annex carrying signs protesting the plan that would merge Rowan and Rutgers Camden and also include Cooper University Medical School.

Rutgers Camden junior Shelly Nolan of Medford said she’s against the plan because she feels the Rowan name doesn’t carry the same weight in the job world as Rutgers.

“I came to Rutgers to be part of the Rutgers community and I want it to stay that way,” said Nolan, a psychology major at Rutgers. “I feel that the name Rutgers is a strong name and if you change it to another name that’s not as well known it will not be as favorable for getting a job.”

Nolan said there is a chance she’d look to transfer if the merger is approved, but it’s her younger sister facing a bigger decision.

“My younger sister is a senior in high school and she got into Rutgers Camden nursing program and was offered a scholarship.  She’s debating coming because she’s afraid if they change the name she’ll be making a mistake.  She wants to be part of Rutgers, not the other school that they want to change it to.”


Rutgers Camden students say leave our school alone